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Scholarships for MBBS Students

Unlike, Fortune Education providing scholarships for MBBS Students who want admission for MBBS in Bangladesh

Scholarships for MBBS Students

A pioneer in educational consultancy, established in 2004, Fortune education is all set to offer scholarships to interested candidates aspiring to study Medicine. Moreover, We offer aid to aspirants from Bangladesh and overseas to pursue MBBS, BDS, BVSC, and other medical higher study courses.

Apart from effective scholarships, we help eligible students with the application. Admission procedure, guidance, documentation, and other services also can be got from them. Their scholarships range up to $5000. In short, Scholarships for MBBS Students can get through our application form. ( Fill it up and get your quote )
We have various subsidiary agencies responsible for inviting eligible candidates and helping them through the process.

MBBS Admission Under SAARC Quota in Bangladesh

Your Gateway to World-Class Medical Education with Fortune Education

With a rising global reputation for delivering high-quality medical education at an affordable cost, Bangladesh has emerged as a sought-after destination for MBBS aspirants from SAARC nations. And when it comes to facilitating this transformative journey, there’s no better partner than Fortune Education. Dive into a world of unparalleled academic experience with the opportunity to pursue MBBS under the SAARC quota in Bangladesh.

Why Choose Bangladesh for Your MBBS Journey?

Global Recognition: Bangladesh’s medical degrees are globally recognized by leading medical councils, including the WHO, MCI, and more.
Affordable Education: Compared to many western countries, pursuing MBBS in Bangladesh is economically viable without compromising on quality.
English Medium Curriculum: International students find it easy to adapt, with courses being taught in English.
Cultural Affinity: Being part of the SAARC community, international students find the cultural and social environment familiar and welcoming.
MBBS Under SAARC Quota: Key Features

Reserved Seats: A certain percentage of seats in Bangladesh’s medical colleges are reserved for SAARC nation students, making the admission process smoother.

No Donation: One of the most striking features is the absence of hefty donations or capitation fees.
Simplified Admission Process: With lesser competition compared to local quotas, SAARC students enjoy a streamlined and hassle-free admission journey.

Fortune Education

Years of Excellence: With years of experience, Fortune Education has seamlessly integrated thousands of international students into Bangladesh’s medical ecosystem.

Personalized Counseling: Every student is unique. Fortune Education offers personalized counseling to help students choose the right college that matches their aspirations.

End-to-End Support: From application submission to settling down in Bangladesh, we offer holistic support to ensure a smooth transition.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicant must be a citizen of a SAARC nation (except Bangladesh).

Should have passed 10+2 or equivalent with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

Must meet the specific percentage criteria set by individual medical colleges.

The primary eligibility criteria of the applicants and aspirants are the follows:

Firstly of all the candidate must have a 10+2 degree and must have pursued the subjects- Biology, Physics, and Chemistry.

Secondly, the candidate must have achieved an aggregate score of 60% minimum or above.

Thirdly the candidate must be qualified to pursue MBBS for their undergraduate program, meaning they must have cracked the NEET examination.

Lastly, Candidates must not have a gap of more than 2 years post their 10+2 exams to be eligible for the scholarship.

A further brief of their objectives and credibility on their website, listed as follows:

➔The structure of medical and nursing education in Bangladesh and overseas
➔A list of top medical colleges in Bangladesh
➔A globally recognized scholarship program and its details
➔The top medical colleges globally
➔MBBS admission procedure in Bangladesh
➔The eligibility for MBBS in Bangladesh

Fortune education has issued a call for registration to MBBS and BDS term 2024-25, covered by their particular scholarship program, as already mentioned earlier.


The People’s Republic of Bangladesh is a country in South Asia with Dhaka as its capital. Medical and other higher education Widely used language is English. The climate is tropical with a mild winter from October to March, and summer from March to June. Above all,

Peaceful weather for any student in these subcontinents.

Bangladesh is the Next Eleven Emerging Economy. To clarify, Bangladesh has achieved significant strides in human and social development.

The country is a founding member of SAARC, the Developing 8 Countries. The Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation (BIMSTEC). In short, Bangladesh contributes to one of the largest peacekeeping to the United Nations.5ff40299 1d8d 4b78 812e 0f79dd4eaaa9

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Medical Education In Bangladesh

Bangladesh, being the ultimate destination away from home for Nepalese medical students, provides quality medical education to each and every new medical aspirant. For instance, Colleges are under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MOHFW) & are affiliated with a university in the respective region.

Out of 96 recognized medical colleges in Bangladesh, 60 are private, 30 are public & 6 are run by the Bangladesh Armed Forces. Similarly, Under the Ministry of Defense, Colleges are good for Education. All the medical colleges award the Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS), and/or Bachelor in Dental Surgery (BDS) degree.

Most of the colleges are recognized by the Nepal Medical Council (NMC), Medical Council of India (MCI). In addition, they listed the World Health Organization (WHO), Directory of Medical Schools.

Army Medical Colleges in Bangladesh

Army Medical Colleges in Bangladesh Colleges in Bangladesh are integral parts of the country’s medical education system, providing high-quality medical training combined with the discipline and values of military life. These institutions are aimed at producing competent, ethical, and well-rounded healthcare professionals who can serve both in military and civilian capacities.
Here’s an overview of the Army Medical Colleges in Bangladesh, highlighting their common features, objectives, and contributions to medical education:

Key Features of Army Medical Colleges in Bangladesh:

  • Affiliation: All Army Medical Colleges in Bangladesh are affiliated with the Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP), ensuring that their educational programs are recognized nationally and internationally.
  • Accreditation: They are accredited by the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BM&DC), which allows their graduates to practice medicine upon completing their degrees and fulfilling any required licensure examinations.
  • Curriculum: The MBBS program offered by these colleges is designed to meet international standards, focusing on a comprehensive medical education that covers theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and clinical exposure.
  • Medium of Instruction: The medium of instruction is English, catering to both local and international students, although knowledge of the local language, Bengali, is encouraged for effective communication with patients during clinical rotations.
  • Military Discipline: Students receive military training alongside their medical education, instilling values of discipline, leadership, and ethical conduct.
  • Clinical Training: Extensive clinical training is provided through affiliated hospitals, allowing students to gain hands-on experience in a real-world medical setting.
  • Research and Development: These institutions encourage research activities among their students and faculty, contributing to medical science and healthcare advancements.

List of Army Medical Colleges in Bangladesh

  1. Army Medical College, Dhaka: Located in the capital city, it’s one of the premier institutions offering state-of-the-art facilities and a robust MBBS program.
  2. Army Medical College, Chittagong: Known for its scenic campus in Bangladesh’s port city, providing excellent educational and clinical training opportunities.
  3. Army Medical College, Comilla: Offers a conducive environment for medical education and training in one of the historical cities of Bangladesh.
  4. Army Medical College, Jessore: Stands out for its comprehensive curriculum and commitment to producing skilled medical professionals.
  5. Army Medical College, Bogura: Recognized for its quality education, modern infrastructure, and emphasis on practical skills.
  6. Army Medical College, Rangpur: Offers a vibrant academic atmosphere with extensive clinical exposure in the northern part of Bangladesh.

Why Choose Army Medical Colleges in Bangladesh?

  • Quality Education: They provide a high standard of medical education that is recognized both locally and internationally.
  • Affordable Tuition: Compared to medical colleges in many other countries, the cost of education is relatively affordable, making it an attractive option for students from various backgrounds.
  • Career Opportunities: Graduates have a wide range of career options, including serving in the military, public health sectors, or pursuing further specializations.
  • Global Recognition: The MBBS degree from these colleges is eligible for international licensing exams, allowing graduates to practice medicine globally.

Army Medical Colleges in Bangladesh represent an excellent pathway for students aspiring to enter the medical profession, offering a unique blend of academic excellence, military discipline, and ethical training. Their commitment to healthcare education and research contributes significantly to the medical field, both within Bangladesh and internationally.


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