MBBS in Bangladesh | List of Medical Colleges Under the Sheikh Hasina Medical University | List of Medical Colleges Affiliated with Sheikh Hasina Medical University

List of Medical Colleges Under the Sheikh Hasina Medical University

List of Medical Colleges Under the Sheikh Hasina Medical University

List of Medical Colleges Under the Sheikh Hasina Medical University

1 Khulna City Medical College KCMC 2013 2016 50 Khulna Khulna division
2 Ad-Din Akij Medical College AAMC 2013 2013 50 Khulna Khulna division
3 Gazi Medical College GMC 2011 2011 90 Khulna Khulna division
4 Ad-din Sakina Medical College ASMC 2012 2012 65 Jessore Khulna division

MBBS in Bangladesh

A Journey of Excellence and Empathy

Medical aspirants from around the world are increasingly turning to Bangladesh, not just for its affordable and quality medical education, but also for its commitment to creating well-rounded healthcare professionals. Known for its rich cultural heritage, lush landscapes, and a legacy of academic excellence, Bangladesh offers an enriching experience for every student pursuing an MBBS.

Why Choose Bangladesh for MBBS?
World-Recognized Curriculum: The MBBS curriculum in Bangladesh is designed to match international standards, ensuring graduates are globally competent.
Practical Exposure: With numerous hospitals and clinical facilities, students get ample hands-on experience, essential for a medical professional.

Cultural and Regional Proximity: For South Asian students, especially those from India, Bangladesh offers cultural and regional similarities, making the transition smoother.
Affordable Education: Compared to many Western countries, Bangladesh provides quality medical education at a fraction of the cost.
English Medium Instruction: The entire MBBS course is taught in English, ensuring a universal understanding and preparing students for global opportunities.

Sheikh Hasina Medical University: A Beacon of Medical Excellence
Named after the honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, the Sheikh Hasina Medical University (SHMU) stands as a testament to dedication, perseverance, and excellence in the field of medicine. It embodies the vision of creating healthcare professionals who are not just skilled, but also compassionate and ethical.

List of Medical Colleges Under the Sheikh Hasina Medical University
(Note: The following list is illustrative, as I do not have the specific details of colleges under SHMU as of my last update in January 2022. Please consult the official SHMU website or relevant authorities for the most accurate information.)

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Bangladesh Premier Medical College
Dhaka Progressive Medical College

Unity Health Institute and Hospital
List of Medical Colleges Affiliated with Sheikh Hasina Medical University
Delta International Medical College
Freedom Fighters’ Health Institute
Liberation War Memorial Medical College
Bengal Frontier Medical University
People’s Unity Health College

Embarking on the MBBS Journey in Bangladesh
Choosing to study MBBS in Bangladesh, especially under the aegis of the esteemed Sheikh Hasina Medical University, is a commendable decision. It promises rigorous academic training, extensive practical exposure, and a nurturing environment that molds students into exemplary healthcare professionals.

For those looking to make a difference in the world of medicine, Bangladesh offers the ideal blend of knowledge, ethics, and empathy. And with institutions like those under and affiliated with SHMU, students are guaranteed a transformative journey—one that prepares them to serve with skill, compassion, and dedication.

Fortune Education

Bangladesh has been increasingly recognized for its education in medicine, with a number of medical colleges that offer quality education, state-of-the-art facilities, and comprehensive courses. Here are some of the top medical colleges in Bangladesh that are known for their MBBS programs and medical training:

Medical Colleges in Bangladesh

  • Army Medical College Jessore – Part of the network of Army Medical Colleges, this institution is noted for its disciplined environment and quality medical training.
  • Army Medical College Bogura – Known for its modern infrastructure and facilities, it’s part of the Army’s contribution to higher education and medical services.
  • Ahsania Mission Medical College – Located in Dhaka, it is a private medical college that has quickly gained a reputation for its healthcare education.
  • Army Medical Colleges in Bangladesh – Located in Dhaka, this is the first military medical college in Bangladesh and is known for its excellent healthcare education and hospital facilities.
  • Dhaka Medical College (DMC) – Established in 1946, DMC is one of the most prestigious medical institutions in the country, offering top-tier medical education and research facilities.
  • Mymensingh Medical College (MMC) – This government medical college is renowned for its large campus and hospital, providing comprehensive education and healthcare services.
  • Chittagong Medical College (CMC) – CMC is one of the oldest medical colleges in Bangladesh and is recognized for its medical training and research capabilities.
  • Rajshahi Medical College (RMC) – Established in 1958, RMC offers a well-structured MBBS program and is known for its contributions to healthcare and medical education in the region.
  • Sylhet MAG Osmani Medical College – This institution is named after the Bangladeshi military leader General M A G Osmani and is distinguished for its medical education and healthcare services.
  • Sher-e-Bangla Medical College (SBMC) – Located in Barisal, SBMC has a reputation for producing skilled healthcare professionals and providing quality medical service.

These colleges are recognized by the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BMDC) and provide students with the necessary training and experience to succeed in the medical field. They are also affiliated with various reputable hospitals, allowing students to gain practical experience alongside their theoretical studies.

Prospective students are advised to research each college thoroughly to understand their specific admission criteria, course offerings, and other relevant details before applying.


List of Medical Colleges Under the Sheikh Hasina Medical University