Southern Medical College and Hospital (SMCH) was set up in 2005 getting to provide the state with a gaggle of iridescent clinical alumni who can help the less wealthy by giving the absolute best conceivable nature of merciful and financially savvy care and therapy, to each and every quiet, delivering significant degrees of patient fulfillment. the most object of the foundation is to exhibit exclusive requirement of clinical instruction, preparing of work force, and directing investigations and examination in different disciplines of clinical sciences. The point of our school isn’t to shape just specialists however to frame an astute individual . the measure of clinical schools isn’t sufficient to fulfill the need of people . to shape our understudies dynamic we’ve as of now reached some unfamiliar clinical schools to ask ongoing examples from rumored clinical universities through remotely coordinating, video conferencing, and so forth our schools aren’t just instructors yet coaches likewise . Our organization has offices to mentor Medical and Paramedical staff. We are focused on upgrading the norm of life through further developed medical care, the arrangement of these experts who will serve the wellbeing needs of others, and in this manner the disclosure of information which will help us all.

We can’t reject social obligation yet for what reason did we choose the wellbeing area? The proportion of doctors to patients is deficient in Bangladesh. Besides, the vast majority of individuals can’t bear the cost of the worth of treatment. Surrounding us, people are impacted by difficult nibbles of ailments of different sorts and that we can’t stay inconsiderate to their cries. To battle against the illnesses and to fix and extravagance men and women we discovered this clinical school that is furnished with all cutting edge offices which have an altruistic air. Here destitute individuals seek the most straightforward treatment with none separation.

Our emergency clinic is working very well. We are getting to make particular divisions in our clinic block. At first, our center is to be well versed in Nephrology. So we’ve stepped up and line up the force for Kidney dialysis. it’s prominent that main two emergency clinics in Chittagong have this office yet the low-pay bunch individuals don’t have the admittance to the current assistance, however the entryway of Southern Medical College and Hospital is normally cordial those denied individuals. Also, we are pondering fostering our Orthopedic Department as Chattogram remains lingering behind during this field. Be that as it may, we never say our direction was smooth and lofty position free however we conquered every one of the obstacles.

We will keep our undertaking pushing ahead yet we’d like individuals of every single social layer, particularly guardians and understudies to look next to us to shape this respectable exertion effective. We accept we will make a far superior future by co-working with each other .

Installment INSTRUCTIONS: 2020-2021


Method of Payment:

Installment of confirmation expenses, Development expenses, Donation, and each another charges (US$ 32,250.00).

During affirmation:

Depiction Amount (US $)

first year at the hour of confirmation and seat booking 19,000.00

Enlistment Fee of DU and BMDC 2,000.00

Educational cost Fee(2nd Year) 6,000.00

Educational cost Fee(3rd Year) 6,000.00

Educational cost Fee(4th Year) 6,000.00

Educational cost Fee(4th Year) 6,000.00

Absolute US$ : 45,000.00

In words: Forty-Five thousand US dollars in particular.

Note: If any understudy doesn’t play out their temporary job preparing during this foundation (MCWH) she will get a discount of USD 2170. the whole sum then, at that point, to be paid USD (45000-2170) = USD 42830.

Note: Foreign Student Agent Consultancy for the most part charge USD 3000.

Inn convenience charge per annum around: US$ 800.00

At the hour of affirmation, all understudies should pay at least 1 (01) year lodging seat lease in advance on the off chance that they want to quantify during an inn. Lodging convenience expenses are an identical as nearby understudies for one year. All understudies will clear their lodging seat lease prior to showing up inside the first, second, third and Final expert MBBS assessment. If they come up short inside the Final Professional MBBS Examination, they will have to pay US$ 800.00 (Eight hundred US Dollars) for each endeavor out and out subjects and US$ 267.00 for each subject. All understudies will clear their educational cost and others expenses farewell they proceed with their customary courses. All understudies need to pay different charges which can be forced by the concerned authority related with the MBBS course, as RFST, concentrate on visit, post-mortem examination visit, and so on.


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