List of Dental Medical Colleges in Bangladesh

List of Public and Government Dental Colleges in Bangladesh

The list of Public and government Dental medical colleges in Bangladesh include those medical colleges run directly under governmental management in Bangladesh.  Dhaka Dental College is known as the first government-run Dental college in the country, established in Dhaka during British rule in 1961. At present, there are nine such medical colleges in different divisions of the country.

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List of Dental Medical Colleges in Bangladesh

List of Public Dental Colleges in Bangladesh

No. Dental college Tittle Affiliate. Est. Started Enroll. Location Division Website
1. Dhaka Dental College DDC DU 1961 1961 97 Dhaka Dhaka Division Link
2. Chittagong Medical College Dental Unit CMC CMU 1990 1990 60 Chittagong Chittagong division link
3. Rajshahi Medical College Dental Unit RMC RMU 1989 1989 59 Rajshahi Rajshahi Division link
4. Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical College Dental Unit SShMC DU 2011 2011 56 Dhaka Dhaka Division link
5. Sir Salimullah Medical College Dental Unit SSMC DU 2011 2011 52 Dhaka Dhaka Division link
6. Mymensingh Medical College Dental Unit MMC DU 2011 2011 52 Mymensingh Dhaka Division link
7. MAG Osmani Medical College Dental Unit SOMC SMU 2011 2011 52 Sylhet Sylhet division link
8. Sher-e-Bangla Medical College Dental Unit SBMC DU 2011 2011 52 Barisal Barisal division link
9. Rangpur Medical College Dental Unit RpMC RMU 2011 2011 52 Rangpur Rangpur division link

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List of Private Dental Colleges in Bangladesh






The list of Private or Non-government Dental medical colleges in Bangladesh includes those medical colleges run directly under Non-Government management but has to flow the rules and regulation of the government education board in Bangladesh.

Dental Colleges in Bangladesh

No. Dental college Acronym/Tittle Affiliated University Established College
Location Division Website
1. University Dental College UDC DU 1995 1995 Dhaka Dhaka division
2. Update Dental College UpDC DU 2008 2008 Dhaka Dhaka division
3. Pioneer Dental College PDC DU 1995 1995 Dhaka Dhaka division
4. Chattagram International Dental College CIDC CMU 2003 2003 Chittagong Chittagong division
5. Sapporo Dental College SDC DU 1993 2000 Dhaka Dhaka division
6. City Dental College CDC DU 1996 1996 Dhaka Dhaka division
7. Rangpur Dental College RDC RMU 2001 2001 Rangpur Rangpur division
8. Bangladesh Dental College BDC DU 1986 1996 Dhaka Dhaka division
9. Marks Dental College MDC DU 2008 2008 Dhaka Dhaka division
10. Saphena Women’s Dental College SWDC DU 2010 2010 Dhaka Dhaka division
11. Mandy Dental College MDC DU 2008 2008 Dhaka Dhaka division
12. Udayan Dental College UdDC RMU 2008 2009 Rajshahi Rajshahi Division
13 TMSS Medical College Dental Unit TMCDU RMU 2008 2012 Bogra Chittagong division
14 MH Samorita Medical College & Dental Unit MHSMCDU DU 2010 2010 Dhaka Dhaka division
15 Kumudini Women’s Medical College, Dental Unit KWMCDU DU 2011 2001 Tangail Dhaka division
16 Holy Family Red Crescent Medical College Dental Unit HFRCMCDU DU 2013 2013 Dhaka Dhaka division
17. Gonoshasthaya Samajvittik Samaj Vittik Dental College GSVMCDU DU 1998 1998 Savar Dhaka division
18 Ibrahim Medical College, Dental Unit IMCDU DU 2015 2015 Dhaka Dhaka Division
19 Dhaka Community Medical College Hospital And Dental Unit DCMCDU DU 2008 2013 Dhaka Dhaka Division
20 Delta Medical College & Hospital Dental Unit DLMCDU DU 2006 2009 Dhaka Dhaka Division
21 Community-Based Medical College, Bangladesh Dental Unit CBMCDU DU 1994 1994 Mymensingh Mymensingh Division
22 Dhaka National Medical College Dental Unit DNMCDU DU 1994 1994 Dhaka Dhaka Division
23 Islami Bank Medical College Dental Unit IBMCDU RU 2003 2003 Rajshahi Rajshahi Division
24 Sylhet Central Dental College & General Hospital SCDC SMU 2016 2016 Sylhet Sylhet division
25 Khawja Eunus Ali Medical College Dental Unit KEAMCDU RU 2005 2005 Sirajganj Rajshahi Division
26 North East Medical College Dental Unit NEMCDU SMU 1997 1997 Sylhet Sylhet division

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