MBBS in Bangladesh for International Students

The quality of education, infrastructure, and accommodation are comparably more acceptable (international Stander) to other progressive countries. There is no entrance or admission test required for admission and the application process is quite simple to pursue MBBS in Bangladesh.

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The hospitals or medical colleges are well equipped with excellent infrastructure, technology, and qualified doctors or teachers.

If you decided to do MBBS in Bangladesh then it is the right choice for you because of the quality of study and the affordable fee structure. Medical study in Bangladesh is the most secure place for Indian, Pakistani, Nepali, and other countries students. MBBS in Bangladesh is the second choice among students in India.

The advantage of studying MBBS in Bangladesh for Indian students is the similarity of cultural activities, and food as also. Bangladesh has a friendly educational environment. The medium of teaching is an English Syllabus and the study pattern is similar to India which is more comfortable to study MBBS in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is the best alternative to Study MBBS or BDS for Indian and International students because of MCI, WHO, IMED, and BMDC recognized Medical College With Special Waivers. So, why are you waiting for? Take a quick decision and Apply Online, book your seat today.

Top Medical Colleges for MBBS in Bangladesh

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 Sylhet Women’s Medical College

Army Medical College Jashore

Army Medical College Bogura

Diabetics Association Medical College

 Islami Bank Medical College

➲ Brahmanbaria Medical College

International Medical College

Diabetic Association Medical College

Holy Family Red Crescent Medical College

Please keep in mind, Although, We added all 72 Private medical colleges fees for the MBBS course from various sources, these fees can be changed at any time also it wasn’t 100% fixed it can be varied by Doller rate, seat availability, etc.
The college Listed by the serial number to read and find any college easily not by college rank.
To know, the full fees structure, admission process & fees, visa process & fees, Hostel accommodation, eligibility, seat confirmation, online direct admission for your desired colleges call or text Fortune Education Authorized Representitive (Whatsapp or phone): +919903355537, +8801995529533

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Admission Process for MBBS Course in Bangladesh

No.Medical collegesFees 5 yrs(USD)Fees 5 yrs(INR)
1Dhaka National Medical CollegeUSD 54,000INR 37,80,000
2Ibrahim Medical CollegeUSD 42,000INR 31,30,000
3Bangladesh Medical CollegeUSD 52,400INR 36,68,000
4Holy Family Red Crescent Medical CollegeUSD 49,000INR 34,30,000
5Jahurul Islam Medical CollegeUSD 39,000INR 27,30,000
6Uttara Adhunik Medical CollegeUSD 44,800INR 31,36,000
7Shaheed Monsur Ali Medical CollegeUSD 42,000INR 29,40,000
8Enam Medical College and HospitalUSD 46,000INR 32,20,000
9Community-Based Medical CollegeUSD 45,600INR 33,98,000
10Ibn Sina Medical CollegeUSD 40,000INR 2,600,000
11Shahabuddin Medical CollegeUSD 43,000INR 3,010,000
12Medical College for Women & HospitalUSD 50,800INR 3,556,000
13Z. H. Sikder Women’s Medical CollegeUSD 40,000INR 29,80,620
14Kumudini Women’s Medical CollegeUSD 44,000INR 32,78,682
15Tairunnessa Memorial Medical CollegeUSD 40,260INR 30,00,000
16Ad-din Women’s Medical CollegeUSD 40,000INR 3001860
17International Medical CollegeUSD 42,000INR 29,40,000
18Central Medical CollegeUSD 40,500INR 28,35,000
19B.G.C Trust Medical CollegeUSD 32,000INR 24,01,488
20Eastern Medical CollegeUSD 41,500INR 2,905,000
21Islami Bank Medical CollegeUSD 40,000INR 28,00,000
22Khwaja Yunus Ali Medical CollegeUSD 43,100INR 30,17,000
23Jalalabad Ragib-Rabeya Medical CollegeUSD 42,950INR 32,23,247
24East-West Medical CollegeUSD 45,000INR 31,50,000
25North East Medical CollegeUSD 40,000INR 28,00,000
26Chattagram Maa-O-Shishu Hospital Medical CollegeUSD 45,000INR 33,77,092
27Gonoshasthaya Samaj Vittik Medical CollegeUSD 40,000INR 28,00,000
28Institute of Applied Health SciencesUSD 42,000INR 31,51,953
29T.M.S.S. Medical CollegeUSD 40,000INR 28,00,000
30Prime Medical CollegeUSD 36,000INR 25,20,000
31North Bengal Medical CollegeUSD 34,000INR 23,80,000
32Rangpur Community Medical CollegeUSD 35,000INR 26,26,627
33Southern Medical CollegeUSD 39,000INR 27,30,000
34Delta Medical CollegeUSD 44,200INR 30,94,000
35Anwer Khan Modern Medical CollegeUSD 44,000INR 3,080,000
36Ad-din Sakina Medical CollegeUSD 36,000INR 25,20,000
37Popular Medical CollegeUSD 45,000INR 31,50,000
38Green Life Medical CollegeUSD 46,000INR 32,20,000
39Dhaka Community Medical CollegeUSD 42,000INR 27,30,000
40Northern Private Medical CollegeUSD 41,000INR 30,76,906
41Sylhet Women’s Medical CollegeUSD 38,000INR 2,660,000
42Monno Medical CollegeUSD 41,500INR 29,05,000
43MH Samorita Medical CollegeUSD 41,000INR 28,70,000
44City Medical CollegeUSD 35,000INR 26,26,627
45Marks Medical CollegeUSD 37,000INR 2,405,000
46Diabetic Association Medical CollegeUSD 40,000INR 30,00,000
47Barind Medical CollegeUSD 40,500INR 30,39,383
48Gazi Medical CollegeUSD 39,500INR 29,64,336
49Northern International Medical CollegeUSD 38,200INR 28,66,776
50Dhaka Central Medical CollegeUSD 37,500INR 26,25,000
51Dr. Sirajul Islam Medical CollegeUSD 40,000INR 30,00,000
52Mainamoti Medical CollegeUSD 38,000INR 28,51,767
53CARe Medical CollegeUSD 32-40,000INR 25-30 lakh
54Bikrampur Bhuiyans Medical CollegeUSD 29,350INR 22,02,614
55Universal Medical CollegeUSD 38,000INR 28,51,767
56Ashiyan Medical CollegeUSD 38,000INR 28,51,767
57US-Bangla Medical CollegeUSD 35,000INR 22,75,000
58President Abdul Hamid Medical CollegeUSD 35,000INR 24,50,000
59Brahmanbaria Medical CollegeUSD 32,250INR 24,20,249
60Parkview Medical CollegeUSD 34,000INR 25,51,581
61Ad-Din Akij Medical CollegeUSD 36,000INR 27,01,674
62Shah Mokhdum Medical CollegeUSD 20-30,000INR 14-23 lakh
63Monowara Sikder Medical CollegeUSD 32,000INR 24,01,488
64Bashundhara Ad-din Medical CollegeUSD 36,000INR 27,01,674
65Aichi Medical CollegeUSD 25-30,000INR 20-26 lakh
66Marine City Medical CollegeUSD 34,000INR 25,51,581
67Khulna City Medical CollegeUSD 36,000INR 27,01,674
68Chattagram International Medical CollegeUSD 45,000INR 33,77,092
69Nightingale Medical CollegeUSD(Black listed)
INR(Black listed)
70United Medical CollegeUSD 30-40,000INR 23-27 lakh
71South Apollo Medical CollegeUSD 35-40,000INR 26-30 lakh
72Ahsania Mission Medical CollegeUSD 32-35,000INR 24-28 lakh

Some of the students wanted to get MBBS admission in Bangladesh but they are facing some problems and in the end, they may not get MBBS admission in their preferable college. Don’t stress about MBBS in Bangladesh process of admission just contact Fortune Education, we assist you to get MBBS admission in Bangladesh with a special scholarship. Bangladesh is famous among Indian learners majorly because the quality of education, competitive low fee structure, and less documentation process are among the fewer reasons why International and Indian students select this country for higher education. Compare to other countries, you don’t need any visa to study in Bangladesh. Similarly, the culture, food habits, and lifestyle are matched to a great deal with that of Indian subcontinents.

Process and the Criteria

  • The candidate or the student must have NEET qualifying marks. NEET UG Minimum Qualifying Percentile UR – 50th Percentile, SC/ST/OBC – 40th Percentile.
  • Students must pass out HSC 12 board exam in the year 2022 or 2021.
  • Aspirants must pass out SSC 10 exam in 2020 or 2019.
  • Must score 60 percent and above in PCB in HSC for MBBS in Bangladesh.
  • Candidates must have 60 percent and above in Biology (Life Science) in HSC.
  • Students must have a 7 GPA or above considering both HSC (12) and SSC (10)
  • Aspirant Must Qualify for examinations (HSC/ ‘A’ level) or equivalent examinations.
  • SSC/ ‘O’ or equivalent examination passed not before 2020
  • HSC/ ‘A’ or equivalent examination passed not before 2022
  • Min: aggregate GPA in SSC or equivalent and HSC or equivalent: 6.00 (eight) & GPA either in SSC or equivalent or in HSC or equivalent: 3.5 Min. GP in biology: 3.5

For calculation of GPA against the marks obtained in SSC/ ‘O’ level or equivalent exam, only the greatest five subjects are considered for calculation of GPA. Therefore, GPA in ‘O’ level = (obtained the total marks in top five subjects) ÷ 5

For calculation of GPA against the marks obtained in HSC/ ‘A’ level or equivalent exam, only three subjects (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) are considered for calculation of GPA.

Qualifying Grade in each subject separately is “C”. Therefore, GPA in ‘A’ level = (obtained the total marks in three subjects) ÷ 3

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Eligibility for MBBS admission in Bangladesh

Firstly, you have finished your 10+2 with Science.
Secondly, you have Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and English as subjects in 10+2.
Thirdly, you have secured 60% in 10+2.
Finally, you have qualified NEET exam.

Authorized Representative or Consultancy for MBBS in Bangladesh

Fortune Education, since 1994, we are the pioneer and leading educational consultant for MBBS in Bangladesh program. We provide counseling to prospective students, who would be interested in MBBS and considering higher education opportunities in Bangladesh and Abroad. We are the exclusive authorized representative of Medical, Dental colleges, and private universities all over the world.

Fortune Education offers MBBS, BDS, admission process, application, guidance, documentation. We also offer required services such as special scholarships to eligible students regarding medical and higher studies. We mainly offer admission to the best medical colleges in Bangladesh.

Studying on MBBS in Bangladesh is famous among Indian students who want to study on MBBS (2023) abroad and to begin a worldwide medical career ahead. The country with one of the top passing rates for MCI Screening test or FMGE between 2012-14. Between 2015-19, 2022, and 2023. Indian students again performed well in FMGE in the wake of studying on MBBS in Bangladesh. MBBS in Bangladesh is positioned second after MBBS in India.

MBBS in Bangladesh does have an additional benefit for Indian students because of the cultural similarities including food. Studying MBBS in Bangladesh is very affordable for students around the world. Medical Degree in Bangladesh is a simpler method for getting your certificate in a global college for MBBS when compared with colleges for MBBS all over the planet.

Medical Colleges in Bangladesh for MBBS have shown to be one of the best class medical institutions with well-known professors and expert staff. Nowadays, the medical colleges in Bangladesh have revealed grand improvement in the state of their education. Additionally, MBBS Fees in Bangladesh are very affordable compared to nations around the world.

Advantages of Studying MBBS in Bangladesh

The Advantages of MBBS Study in Bangladesh Medical Colleges for Indian Students

  • The medium of instruction for MBBS study in Bangladesh is English, therefore there is no need for other language preparation.
  • It is well-known by everyone that  Medical Colleges in Bangladesh are Recognized by NMC and approved by WHO.
  • There is no need for any kind of Donation or capitation to get admission to Medical colleges in Bangladesh, you can get Direct MBBS Admission in Bangladesh Medical Colleges.
  • Bangladesh is a very populated country. Therefore, there is a good enough flow of patients for medical practice.
  • There is no language(Bengali students) and culture for Indian students, they are welcomed as a home away from home.
  • The curriculum for MBBS in Bangladeshi colleges is open for all Indian students who didn’t get admission to a well-known medical college in India.
  • People from this country are humble enough to welcome overseas students and the vibe is very great as well.
  • Medical colleges for MBBS in Bangladesh are well equipped with up-to-date tools and laboratory pieces of equipment.
  • The good thing about studying MBBS from Bangladesh medical colleges is that the students don’t need to clear any entrance exam for joining Medical colleges in Bangladesh.
  • The main reason to study post-graduation after obtaining an MBBS degree from Bangladesh is that the medical certificate from Bangladesh is recognized all over the world.
  • There are accommodation facilities for all global students inside the grounds, therefore safety is higher.

  • Why Choose Bangladesh?

    In India, the cost of getting an MBBS degree from any private medical college with decent infrastructure is no less than ₹50,00,000, many times it crosses even a crore depending on which college or which part of the country you select.

  • This is just donation fee we are talking about; regular tuition fee would be charged on top of that before every semester or every year.

    The reason why MBBS in Bangladesh is the right choice for Indian students includes the following reasons:


    The major concern of many international students planning to pursue MBBS in Bangladesh is the language of the course in the selected foreign country. But you don’t have to worry as in Bangladesh, you’ll feel right at home. The medium of instruction in most universities is English which is a huge sigh of relief for Indian students.


    Pursuing an MBBS in Bangladesh is cheaper than most of the study abroad destinations due to low medical fee and reduced expenses.


    One of the major perks of studying MBBS in Bangladesh is the fact that the value of the currency is depreciated which will allow you to maintain your budget while roaming around the country seeing in its culture, food and beautiful location.


    The food in Bangladesh has a similar palate when compared to Indian cuisine. Also, you can find an Indian restaurant very easily in the country when you study MBBS in Bangladesh.

    Travelling Cost

    Being a neighbouring country, the cost of travelling to Bangladesh is very low. It will cost you anything between 5000 to 10,000 to buy a plane ticket to Dhaka. Alternatively, you can also travel by train which plies between Kolkata and Dhaka.

    Globally Recognised MBBS

    Medical study in East Pakistan is the best choice for South-East Asian counterparts for its recognition. It has good recognition of it throughout the world. So for the recognition and reputation of MBBS, it has, it would be best if one does MBBS in Bangladesh.

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    Eligibility Criteria

    1. One should not pass 10th class before 2020
    2. The minimum required CGPA is 8.0 in SSC
    3. The minimum CGPA is 3.5 in 12th
    4. One must have a minimum of 3.5 GP in Biology

    Courses and Curriculum

    In Bangladesh, the courses are divided into 4 phases:

    First Phase1.5 yearsAnatomy, Biochemistry, etc.
    Second Phase1 yearCommunity Medicine and Forensic Medicine.
    Third Phase1 yearPharmacology Therapeutics, Pathology, Microbiology, etc.
    Fourth Phase1.5 yearMedicine, Surgery, Obstetrics and allied courses.

    In total these time divisions constitute to five years of time and the schedule of the MBBS is planned accordingly.

    Benefits of Pursuing MBBS in Bangladesh

    1. There is NO donation required to get admission in a Bangladeshi medical college.
    2. The quality of infrastructure, education, and accommodation are comparably better to other developed countries.
    3. There is no entrance test required for admission and the application process is quite simple to pursue MBBS in Bangladesh.
    4. The hospitals are well equipped with great infrastructure and technology.
    5. According to an agreement the students from SAARC nations need not pay the extra tuition fee in medical colleges.

    MBBS in Bangladesh Fee Structure 2023-24

    The fee of pursuing MBBS h in any of the medical universities of Bangladesh is highly affordable, which is around 40 lakhs (including food and accommodation). However, the cost may vary depending on the university you choose and the kind of lifestyle you opt for.

    Top Medical Colleges in Bangladesh

    Here are some of the top medical colleges to pursue MBBS in Bangladesh:

    Bangladesh University of Professionals

    Location: Mirpur Cantonment, Bangladesh

    This is the youngest university in Bangladesh and is administered by armed forces of Bangladesh. The main aim is to provide quality education for incoming students from different countries.

    Gono Bishwabiddalay

    Location: Ashulia, Savar, Dhaka, 1344, Bangladesh

    Another option to consider for MBBS in Bangladesh is Gono Bishwabiddalay. This university is recognized in Savar and is well known among foreign medical students.

    Sylhet Medical University

    Location: University Ave, Sylhet, Bangladesh

    One of the most distinguishing features for Shahjalal University of Science & Technology is that it offers PhD to the students. The university has been bestowed with varied titles like specialized institute for Science & Technology by virtue of the versatile colleges accessible at the university.

    University of Dhaka

    Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

    During British people dominion, this college was taken into account in the concert of the oldest universities within the country. It is a popular choice for pursuing MBBS in Bangladesh because of the high position in the ranking of the schools across Bangladesh in 2017.

  • This university has also been included in the Top 100 Universities of Asia.

    University of Rajshahi

    Location: Rajshahi, Bangladesh

    The ranking of this university was given by Bangladesh University States. The University of Rajshahi stood in third in the country. After that, the University of Rajshahi became the youngest and largest universities in Bangladesh.

    Top Medical Colleges in Bangladesh: The Pinnacle of Medical Education
    Bangladesh boasts an array of premier institutions that are a testament to the country’s commitment to medical education and healthcare. These colleges maintain a delicate balance between theory and hands-on clinical practice, ensuring graduates are both knowledgeable and skillful. With a curriculum in line with global standards and accreditation from world-renowned medical bodies, these institutions ensure students are ready for a global medical landscape.

    The Elite: Best Army Medical Colleges in Bangladesh
    When it comes to discipline, infrastructure, and quality education, the Army Medical Colleges in Bangladesh stand unrivaled. These institutions epitomize excellence and rigor, focusing not just on the academic prowess of students but also on their holistic development. Graduates from these colleges not only excel in their medical careers but also carry the mark of leadership, discipline, and ethical values.Best Army Medical Colleges in Bangladesh

    Army Medical College Jashore: A Legacy of Excellence

  • Nestled in the serene environs of Jashore, the Army Medical College stands as a beacon of excellence in medical education.

  • With cutting-edge laboratories, sprawling campuses, and a faculty comprising the best minds in the field, this institution ensures a comprehensive learning experience for its students. Beyond the classrooms, its association with top hospitals ensures that students receive unparalleled practical exposure, preparing them for real-world challenges.

    Army Medical College Bogura: Where Dreams Transform into Reality
    Bogura’s Army Medical College is more than just an institution; it’s a legacy. Known for its world-class infrastructure, seasoned faculty, and a curriculum that blends the best of theory and practice, the college is a dream destination for every medical aspirant.

  • Students here are groomed to become not just successful doctors, but compassionate healers.

    Diabetic Association Medical College: Championing Specialized Care
    With diabetes emerging as a global health challenge, the Diabetic Association Medical College has taken it upon itself to create experts who can combat this ailment. The institution, with its specialized curriculum and focus on research, ensures that its graduates are well-equipped to address and manage diabetes, both at a clinical and research level.

    Islami Bank Medical College: Merging Ethics with Excellence
    Islami Bank Medical College has earned its reputation by prioritizing an education that merges medical excellence with ethical values. The institution ensures that students, while gaining top-notch medical education, are also grounded in ethical principles, ensuring they become doctors who serve with compassion and integrity.

    Sylhet Women’s Medical College: Empowering Women in Medicine
    Dedicated to promoting women’s education in the field of medicine,

  • Sylhet Women’s Medical College stands as a unique institution. It’s not just about academic excellence; it’s about empowering women to take on leadership roles in the healthcare sector, ensuring a future where healthcare is inclusive and diverse.

    Ahsania Mission Medical College: Service Beyond Self
    Rooted in the principle of ‘service beyond self’, Ahsania Mission Medical College is renowned for its commitment to community health. Students here are trained to look beyond textbooks and understand the socio-economic factors affecting health, ensuring they become doctors who are attuned to the needs of the community.

    Shaheed Monsur Ali Medical College: A Tribute to Perseverance
    Named after a national hero, Shaheed Monsur Ali Medical College embodies resilience, dedication, and commitment. The institution, with its state-of-the-art facilities and renowned faculty, ensures students receive an education that is both comprehensive and inspiring.

    About MBBS in Bangladesh

    Q1. Is MBBS in Bangladesh expensive?

    No, studying MBBS in Bangladesh is much cheaper than any other Government or Private College in India. Living and transportation expenses are also very affordable. It is actually a very good option for pursuing quality education at very low cost.

    Q2. Is MBBS in Bangladesh approved by MCI?

    Yes, MBBS in Bangladesh is recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI). All government medical universities in Bangladesh are globally recognized by the MCI and the World Health Organization (WHO).

    Q3. Can one practice medicine in India after pursuing MBBS in Bangladesh?

    The medical degrees provided by medical universities in Bangladesh are globally recognized and are accepted by every organization in the industry. Candidates can practice medicine in India after pursuing MBBS in Bangladesh.

    Q4. Does studying MBBS in Bangladesh allow one to do internships in India?

    Candidates pursuing MBBS in Bangladesh are allowed to pursue internships in India. However, some colleges do not allow students to pursue an Internship anywhere else outside Bangladesh.

    Q5. Is it necessary to learn Bengali to study MBBS in Bangladesh?

    Though Bengali is the most-spoken language in Bangladesh, the medium of instruction for MBBS in Bangladesh is English. Thus, there is no need to learn other than on some basic levels for communication in Bengali.

    Q6. What are the greatest advantages of pursuing MBBS in Bangladesh?

    On completion of MBBS in Bangladesh, you can go to PG level without writing the MCI test. Perfect medical science training is only completed when the student is exposed to a variety of disease types, and this type of excellent and identical exposure to medical diagnosis is given in the medical colleges of Bangladesh.

    Q7. What are the other options to pursue MBBS apart from MBBS in Bangladesh?

    There are various options to pursue MBBS from abroad apart from MBBS in Bangladesh. Such options include:

Disadvantages of Studying MBBS in Bangladesh

Disadvantages of MBBS study in Bangladesh not so tough at all

  1. Half of the Medical colleges in Bangladesh are bad. Some Corrupt Management holds hands with Admission specialists from Bangladesh/India to climb their college fees without giving the necessary Documents.
  2. Appropriate Selection of your Admission Agent ask him/her only aides just for MBBS in Bangladesh
  3. Severe Admission process, Candidate should fulfill all Eligibility Criteria.
  4. No Seat Relaxation based on Categories
  5. There is no nightlife like no late-night party, no clubs, no bars.
  6. All College lodging rooms are not outfitted with AC, you might have to an earlier order for AC
  7. You won’t get many holidays.
  8. Bengali talking is required when you collaborate with the local Patients, after 2 and half a year
  9. Authentic vegetarian food might be an issue in a couple of Medical colleges for MBBS in Bangladesh.

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