MBBS Medical Admission Circular 2024-25

MBBS Medical Admission Circular 2024-25

Medical Admission Circular based on standard practices:


MBBS Medical Admission Circular 2024-25

What to Expect

  • Official Announcement: The circular is officially released by the medical education board or the higher education authority of the country. In Bangladesh, this would be the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS).
  • Eligibility Criteria: Detailed eligibility criteria for applicants, including academic qualifications (such as minimum GPA in HSC and SSC or equivalent exams), age limit, and any specific requirements for international students.
  • Application Procedure: Instructions on how to apply, including the online application process, submission of necessary documents, and payment of application fees.
  • Admission Test Details: Information on the admission test, including the date, time, format (multiple-choice questions covering subjects like Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and English), and syllabus.
  • Admission Timeline: Key dates for application submission, admission test, result publication, and subsequent admission processes.
  • Fee Structure: Details on the fee structure for the MBBS program, including tuition fees, lab fees, and any other associated costs.
  • Quota System: Information on any quota system in place (such as for freedom fighters, tribal candidates, foreign students, etc.) and the allocation of seats under each quota.
  • Scholarship Opportunities: Information on available scholarships or financial aid for deserving or needy students.
  • Health and Fitness Requirements: Guidelines on health and fitness criteria that need to be met by applicants, with details on medical tests.
  • Contact Information: Helpline numbers and contact details for candidates to seek further information or clarification regarding the admission process.

MBBS Medical Admission Circular

How to Stay Updated

  1. Official Websites: Regularly check the official websites of the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS), the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, and individual medical colleges for the latest information.
    News Portals: Keep an eye on reputable news portals for announcements related to medical admissions.
  2. Social Media: Follow official social media channels of educational boards and medical colleges for timely updates.
  3. Prospective candidates should prepare for the admission test well in advance and ensure they meet all eligibility criteria to apply for the MBBS program in the 2024-25 academic year.

MBBS Medical Admission Circular 2024-25: Your Gateway to Becoming a Doctor

Army Medical College MBBS in Bangladesh for International Students

Army Medical College MBBS in Bangladesh for International Students

MBBS Medical Admission Circular 2024

The much-awaited MBBS Medical Admission Circular for the academic session 2024-25 is finally here. Aspiring medical students can mark their calendars for February 9, 2024, the set date for the Medical Admission Test.

Detailed information is accessible on the official website, where candidates can also download their admit cards and view the MBBS Admission Seat Plan.

Results for the Medical Admission Test will be available online at The circular was officially announced on January 10, 2024, signaling the start of the application period for countless students awaiting to pursue their dream in the medical field.

MBBS Admission 2024-25 Overview:

Application Period: Starts January 11, 2024, and concludes on January 23, 2024.
Admit Card Availability: February 5 to February 7, 2024.
Admission Test Date: February 9, 2024.
Application Portal:

Who Can Apply?

Eligible applicants are Bangladeshi nationals who have completed their SSC or equivalent in 2020 or 2021 and HSC or equivalent in 2022 or 2023, with mandatory subjects including Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. A minimum combined GPA of 9.0 in SSC and HSC is required, with no less than 3.5 in each.

Tribal and non-tribal candidates from Chittagong Hill Tracts need a total GPA of 8.0, with the same individual minimum. All candidates must have scored at least 4.0 in Biology at the HSC level.

How to Apply:

Applications for MBBS admission are submitted online through, with the process running from January 11 to January 23, 2024. Here’s a quick guide:

Visit the application site.

Navigate to the MBBS Admission section and select Application.

Fill in your information accurately, upload required documents, and submit your application.
Complete the payment using a Teletalk Prepaid Mobile Phone following the instructions provided.

  • Payment Process: After submitting the online application, the application fee must be paid through a Teletalk prepaid mobile phone within 72 hours. Follow the SMS instructions carefully to complete your payment.
  • Choosing Your Exam Center: Applicants are required to select four exam centers in order of preference. The available centers span across the country, from Dinajpur to Dhaka, ensuring accessibility for all candidates.
  • Embarking on Your Medical Journey: With over 5,380 seats available in public medical colleges and 6,225 in private institutions, the MBBS Medical Admission Test is a golden opportunity for aspiring doctors. Ensure you meet all the requirements, prepare diligently for your entrance test, and take the first step towards a rewarding career in medicine. Good luck to all candidates!

MBBS Admission Circular 2024 Announcement

The Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) is overseeing the 2024 MBBS admission process for both public and private medical colleges in Bangladesh. The Ministry of Health Education officially announced the MBBS Admission Circular on January 10, 2024, through their website. This comprehensive guide aims to provide all the necessary details to prospective applicants.

Important Details of the MBBS Admission Circular 2024

The MBBS Admission Test is a pivotal step for candidates aiming to enter the medical field, administered by the DGHS.

The admission process opens doors to approximately 4,350 seats in public medical colleges across the country. The examination will be conducted in 20 designated centers nationwide.

Noteworthy Points:

Candidates applying for the second time will face a deduction of five marks.
The admission test duration is 1 hour, with a total of 100 marks.
The examination format includes Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) and a written section, featuring 100 questions.

A minimum score of 40 is required to pass.

Key Dates and Fees

  • Admission Start Date: January 11, 2024
  • Application Deadline: January 23, 2024
  • Online Fee Submission Deadline: January 24, 2024
  • Admit Card Distribution: February 5 to February 7, 2024
  • Admission Test Date: February 9, 2024, from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM
  • Exam Fee: BDT 1000, payable via Prepaid Teletalk mobile service

More Information: Visit DGHS Website.

MBBS Admission Test 2024 Mark Distribution

The admission test will cover various subjects with the following mark distribution:

Biology: 30 marks
Chemistry: 25 marks
Physics: 20 marks
English: 15 marks
General Knowledge: 10 marks

Total marks are 100, with a deduction of 0.25 for each incorrect answer. The passing mark is set at 40.

Educational Requirements for MBBS Admission 2024

Prospective students should meet the following educational qualifications:

Eligible candidates include students who completed HSC in 2022 or 2023.

Applicants must have completed SSC or its equivalent within two years prior to their HSC or its equivalent.

Mandatory subjects include Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in both SSC and HSC.

The total GPA required is 9.00 for SSC & HSC combined, with a concession to 8.00 for tribal applicants, provided they have a minimum GPA of 3.50 in each of the SSC and HSC exams separately.

Comprehensive Admission Guide

This circular serves as a crucial guide for candidates seeking admission into medical colleges. It includes detailed information on the application process, seat plans, eligibility criteria, marking system, and the total number of seats available in both private and public medical colleges.

For a successful application, candidates are advised to carefully review and follow the guidelines outlined in the MBBS Admission Circular 2024.

List of Army Medical Colleges in Bangladesh

  SL       Name of Medical College    Affiliated With   MBBS Fees Structure      Remarks
   01 Army Medical College Bogura  BUP, Dhaka  USD 47. 000 Including All
   02  Army Medical College Jashore  BUP, Dhaka USD 47. 000 Including All
  03 Army Medical College Cumilla BUP, Dhaka  USD 47. 000 Including All

Fortune Education

Fortune Education Offers Online Direct MBBS Admission for Foreign Students who are Interested to Study Medical in Bangladesh

Fortune Education: Your Gateway to Direct MBBS Admission in Bangladesh for Foreign Students

Fortune Education, a leading name in the realm of educational consultancy, proudly offers a streamlined, direct MBBS admission process for foreign students aspiring to pursue a medical career in Bangladesh. With decades of experience and a deep understanding of the Bangladesh medical education system, Fortune Education is dedicated to bridging the gap between ambitious international students and their dreams of becoming medical professionals.

Why Choose Bangladesh for Your MBBS?

Bangladesh has emerged as a preferred destination for medical studies, thanks to its affordable tuition fees, high-quality education, English-medium instruction, and internationally recognized degrees.

The country boasts a number of prestigious medical colleges known for their advanced infrastructure, experienced faculty, and comprehensive MBBS programs that meet global standards.

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1. Direct MBBS Admission:

Fortune Education simplifies the admission process, offering direct MBBS admission to top medical colleges in Bangladesh. Our partnerships with leading institutions ensure that foreign students have access to the best medical education opportunities.

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Understanding the financial aspects of studying abroad can be challenging. Fortune Education offers guidance on tuition fees, living expenses, and financial planning to ensure that your medical education in Bangladesh is both affordable and stress-free.

4. Visa Assistance:

Navigating the visa application process is crucial for international students. Fortune Education provides expert visa assistance, making sure that students meet all requirements for a successful visa approval.

5. Pre-Departure and Post-Arrival Support:

We offer comprehensive pre-departure briefings and post-arrival support, including accommodation assistance and orientation to life in Bangladesh, ensuring a smooth transition for students embarking on their MBBS journey.

Why Choose Fortune Education?

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Army Medical College Bogura, Jashore and Cumilla for International Students

Army Medical Colleges for International Students

Army Medical Colleges in Bogura, Jashore, and Cumilla have become prominent choices for international students seeking quality medical education in Bangladesh.

These institutions, under the auspices of the Bangladesh Armed Forces, offer a blend of rigorous academic training and military discipline, preparing students for successful careers in the medical field. Here’s an overview of what international students can expect when applying to these colleges:

Army Medical College Bogura

Army Medical College Bogura

Located in the vibrant city of Bogura, this college is known for its state-of-the-art facilities and a curriculum that balances medical sciences with practical clinical training. International students can benefit from:

  • Diverse Learning Environment: With students from various cultural backgrounds, the college offers a rich, diverse learning environment.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: The MBBS program is designed to provide in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience in medical practices.
  • Modern Facilities: The college boasts modern laboratories, digital libraries, and advanced clinical training facilities.

Army Medical College Jashore

Army Medical College Jashore

Situated in Jashore, this institution is celebrated for its commitment to excellence in medical education and research. International students will find:

  • High-Quality Education: Accredited programs taught by experienced faculty members ensure a high standard of education.
  • Clinical Training: Strong affiliations with reputed hospitals provide ample clinical training opportunities.
  • Disciplined Environment: The college’s disciplined environment fosters professionalism and ethical practices in future medical practitioners.

Army Medical College Cumilla

Army Medical College Cumilla

This college in Cumilla is renowned for its academic rigor and the holistic development of students. It offers international students:

  • Comprehensive Support: From admission through graduation, international students receive comprehensive support to ensure a rewarding educational experience.
  • Clinical Exposure: Early clinical exposure helps students gain practical experience and build confidence in their medical skills.
  • Cultural Integration: Programs and activities are designed to help international students integrate into the local culture and the college community.

Medical Admission for International Students

Admission for international students to these Army Medical Colleges involves:

  • Eligibility Criteria: Applicants must meet specific academic and language proficiency requirements.
  • Application Process: Interested students should apply through the official channels, providing all required documentation.
  • Visa and Accommodation: Assistance with visa applications and accommodation arrangements is often provided to ensure a smooth transition to living and studying in Bangladesh.

Why Choose These Colleges?

  • Quality Education at an Affordable Cost: These colleges offer quality medical education at a cost significantly lower than in many other countries.
  • International Recognition: Degrees from these institutions are recognized globally, allowing graduates to pursue careers or further education worldwide.
  • Unique Learning Experience: The combination of medical education and military discipline prepares students for leadership roles in healthcare settings.

International students looking to pursue an MBBS in Bangladesh will find Army Medical Colleges in Bogura, Jashore, and Cumilla to be excellent choices for a comprehensive and enriching medical education experience.

Contact us today to learn more about direct MBBS admission for foreign students in Bangladesh.

MBBS Medical Admission Circular 2024-25