IBN SINA Medical College, International Student Fee Structure

IBN SINA Medical College International Student Fee Structure

Academic Year: 2024

Total Package Cost for Five-Year M.B.B.S. Program: $58,000 US Dollar

We’d like to bring to your attention the following payment schedule for the five-year MBBS course for the 2024 academic year (19th batch). This payment plan is unanimously approved by our consultants and we kindly request that you adhere to the following system:

IBN SINA Medical College International Student Fee Structure

For fee transfers, kindly use the following bank details:

Account Holder: Ibn Sina Medical College
Account Number: 20502090900003312
Bank Name: Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd., Shyamoli Branch, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Swift Code: IBBLBDDH209


Learn everything about fee structure, MBBS admission eligibility, application process, cost, infrastructure, food, culture, travelling, educational advantages, and more about Bangladesh.


New fee structure isn’t officially published yet. Everything you see online is unofficial. We’ll update the official fee structure for 2024 as soon as we get it from the colleges. So here’s last year’s fee structure for your idea.
Both tuition fees and living costs are cheap and affordable for Indian students. MBBS study fees of top medical colleges in Bangladesh will cost anywhere from Rs. 27 lakhs to Rs. 45 lakhs, including admission fees, tuition fees, accommodation costs and food costs – Everything.


Foreign Students Admission at Army Medical College Bogura (AMCB)

We are delighted to announce that Army Medical College Bogura (AMCB) is opening doors for international students for the upcoming academic year of 2024. Our admission process complies with the guidelines set by the Government of Bangladesh, ensuring a fair and transparent process.

Interested students who meet the eligibility criteria are encouraged to get in touch with Fortune Education & Fortune Healthcare Ltd., our authorized representative, for guidance and support throughout the admission process. Their services include:

IBN SINA Medical College and the Army Medical Colleges in Bangladesh are both esteemed institutions in the country. Each has its own set of attributes, advantages, and characteristics. Here’s a comparison based on general parameters:

1. Establishment:
IBN SINA Medical College: Established in 2005, it is a part of the IBN SINA Trust, which has been serving in the field of health, education, and social welfare since 1980.

Army Medical Colleges: The first Army Medical College in Bangladesh, known as Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC), was established in 1999. Subsequently, other Army Medical Colleges were set up in different cantonment areas across the country.

2. Affiliation:
IBN SINA Medical College: Affiliated with the University of Dhaka.

Army Medical Colleges: Affiliated with the Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP).

3. Admission:
IBN SINA Medical College: Admits students based on national medical admission test scores.

Army Medical Colleges: Admits both civilian students based on national medical admission test scores and army-dependent students through separate quotas.

4. Infrastructure and Facilities:
IBN SINA Medical College: Has its own hospital which acts as a training and service center, offering a range of medical services and specialties.

Army Medical Colleges: Equipped with modern facilities and are backed by the infrastructure of the Bangladesh Army. Students often have access to military hospitals and other army resources for practical training.

5. Reputation:
IBN SINA Medical College: Recognized for quality medical education, particularly in private sector medical colleges.

Army Medical Colleges: Hold a prestigious position given their association with the Bangladesh Army. They maintain a disciplined environment and provide comprehensive medical education.

6. Location:
IBN SINA Medical College: Located in Kallyanpur, Dhaka.

Army Medical Colleges: Situated in various cantonment areas across Bangladesh. For example, AFMC is in Dhaka Cantt.

7. Fees:
IBN SINA Medical College: As a private institution, the fees might be relatively higher than public colleges.

Army Medical Colleges: Being government-backed institutions, the fee structure might be more affordable compared to private medical colleges. Special considerations might be given to army dependents.

8. Extracurricular Activities:
IBN SINA Medical College: Offers various cultural and sports activities for its students.

Army Medical College Bogura

Army Medical Colleges: Being in a disciplined environment, there’s a focus on physical training, NCC, and other co-curricular activities that inculcate discipline and team spirit.

Choosing between IBN SINA Medical College and the Army Medical Colleges in Bangladesh depends on individual preferences, career goals, and the kind of environment one is looking for. Both sets of institutions have their merits and provide quality medical education in Bangladesh. It’s crucial to visit both, if possible, to get a feel for the environment and consider the factors most important to the individual when making a decision.

Attestation of concerned departments

Islami Bank Medical College Bangladesh

Processing of eligibility certificates
Visa guidance
Airport pick-up and college drop-off

Fortune Education Bangladesh

Services Offered:

Educational Consultancy: Fortune Education offers guidance to students looking to pursue medical degrees, primarily in countries like China, the Philippines, Kyrgyzstan, and several others. They provide information about universities, admission processes, and requirements.

Language Training: Some medical courses in foreign countries might necessitate a basic understanding of the local language. To address this, Fortune Education often provides language training sessions.

Documentation and Processing: The consultancy assists students with the required documentation, VISA processing, and other formalities needed for admission to foreign universities.

Post-admission Assistance: Apart from helping students get into universities, they often provide post-admission support like airport pick-ups, accommodation assistance, and general guidance to help students adjust to their new environment.


Fortune Education has been active for several years and has assisted numerous Bangladeshi students in securing admissions in foreign medical colleges and universities. Like with all consultancies, prospective students should conduct thorough research, consult with past students, and verify all claims before making a decision.

They have offices in different parts of Bangladesh, with Dhaka often being the primary location for many consultancy services.

Fortune Education generally maintains collaborations or partnerships with various foreign universities to facilitate smoother admissions for Bangladeshi students.

MBBS Admission in Bangladesh

Contact Information:

Fortune Education 

Head Office: 23/C, Zigatola, Dhaka-1209, Bangladesh
Bangladesh: +8801995529533
India: +919903355537

MBBS Admission in Bangladesh for Nepali Students with Fortune Education

Embarking on a journey to become a doctor is a prestigious and noble pursuit. For many Nepali students, studying MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) abroad presents an opportunity to receive a high-quality education at an affordable cost. Bangladesh has emerged as a favorable destination for medical studies due to its recognized universities, WHO-listed medical colleges, and the curriculum that is approved by the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BM&DC). Fortune Education, a leading educational consultant, offers comprehensive assistance to Nepali students seeking to navigate the MBBS admission process in Bangladesh.

In this extensive guide, we will explore why Bangladesh is a sought-after option for MBBS studies, the admission process, eligibility criteria, fee structure, and the support provided by Fortune Education to ensure a smooth academic journey for Nepali students.

Why MBBS in Bangladesh?
The Advantages of Studying MBBS in Bangladesh Highlight the quality of medical education Discuss the English medium of instruction Mention the cultural and geographical proximity to Nepal Talk about the affordable cost of living and tuition fees

Top Medical Colleges in Bangladesh

Exploring the Premier Institutions Provide an overview of top-ranked medical colleges Discuss the affiliation of colleges with reputed hospitals Mention the infrastructure and academic facilities The MBBS Admission Process in Bangladesh with Fortune Education

Your Step-by-Step Guide to Success

Detail the comprehensive admission assistance provided by Fortune Education Explain the application process, deadlines, and documentation required Discuss the support in obtaining student visas and accommodation arrangements Eligibility for MBBS in Bangladesh Meeting the Criteria for Admission Outline the academic requirements for Nepali students Explain the age limit and NEET examination criteria (if applicable) Discuss the requirement for proficiency in English

MBBS Fees in Bangladesh

An Affordable Pathway to Becoming a Doctor Break down the fee structure for MBBS courses in Bangladesh Compare the costs with other countries popular for medical education Explain the hidden costs and provide a total estimated budget for students Fortune Education: Paving the Way for Nepali MBBS Students Tailored Services for Your Educational Aspirations Discuss Fortune Education’s role in counseling and guiding students Highlight the personalized services for each student’s needs Testimonials and success stories of Nepali students with Fortune Education

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