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MBBS in Philippines-Fortune Education

Fortune Education – Your Trusted Partner for MBBS in the Philippines

Fortune Education is your ultimate partner in helping you realize your dream of studying MBBS in the Philippines. With decades of experience in guiding medical aspirants, we understand the ambitions and anxieties of students who aspire to study medicine overseas. The Philippines, with its high-standard medical universities and affordable fee structure, emerges as an ideal destination for international students. With Fortune Education, you can count on comprehensive assistance right from choosing the right university to securing admission, ensuring a seamless educational journey.

Study MBBS in Philippines

MBBS in the Philippines – A Worthy Choice

Choosing to study MBBS in the Philippines is a decision that guarantees a quality education, international exposure, and a significant step towards a thriving medical career. The country’s educational system is modelled after the United States, making graduates globally competitive. Moreover, English is a medium of instruction, eliminating language barriers and facilitating better understanding. The Philippines has been the preferred choice for MBBS students worldwide, thanks to the excellent teaching methodology, focus on practical knowledge, and affordable living costs.

 Admission Criteria

 Admission Criteria for MBBS in the Philippines

The admission criteria for studying MBBS in the Philippines are relatively straightforward, making the application process smooth for international students. Students must have passed their 10+2 with a minimum of 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. They should also qualify for the NEET examination. A sound understanding of English is expected, as it is the primary medium of instruction. Fortune Education simplifies the admission process, guiding you every step of the way to ensure your success.

Admission Process

Admission Process for MBBS in the Philippines with Fortune Education

Fortune Education, we streamline the admission process for MBBS in the Philippines, making it effortless for students and parents alike. The process starts with choosing the right medical university, followed by submitting the required documents for admission. After verifying and processing the documents, the university issues an admission letter. Following this, we assist in visa application and preparation for departure. Our experts guide students throughout the process, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

List of Medical Universities in the Philippines

The Philippines is home to several world-class medical universities recognized by international bodies such as WHO and MCI. These include University of Santo Tomas, University of the Philippines Manila, Far Eastern University, Ateneo de Manila University, Cebu Doctors’ University, and many more. Each of these universities offers a robust curriculum, state-of-the-art facilities, and a conducive learning environment. Fortune Education collaborates with these esteemed institutions, aiding students in securing admissions in these prestigious universities.

Online Direct MBBS Admission via Fortune EducationMBBS in Philippines-Fortune Education

In an era where digital is the new normal, Fortune Education offers online direct MBBS admissions to Philippine medical universities. This service eliminates the need for students to visit offices, thereby saving time and effort. From document submission to university selection, every step can be done online with our guidance. Our dedicated support team is always available to help students and parents navigate the admission process seamlessly, ensuring a smooth transition to your dream medical college in the Philippines.

Why Choose Fortune Education for MBBS in the Philippines?

The journey to pursuing MBBS in the Philippines is made smoother with Fortune Education at your side. Our team of dedicated and experienced professionals provides personalized assistance at every step of your journey. Our services extend beyond admission – we provide pre-departure training, assistance in settling down, and continuous support throughout your study period. With our transparent and ethical practices, we have become the trusted partner of countless students pursuing their dream of studying MBBS abroad.

 Living and Studying in the Philippines – A Unique Experience

The Philippines is not just a great place for academic pursuits but also offers a rich cultural and living experience. With its tropical climate, friendly people, and diverse culture, the Philippines provides an enriching environment for students. Plus, the country’s relatively low living costs compared to other popular MBBS destinations make it an affordable choice. As part of our services at Fortune Education, we also guide students about lifestyle, accommodation, food, transportation, and other aspects of living in the Philippines.

MBBS Curriculum in the Philippines – Comprehensive and Practical

Studying MBBS in the Philippines is characterized by a comprehensive and practical approach to medical education. The curriculum is divided into BS (Bachelor of Science) course of 1.5 to 2 years and a 4-year medical course, akin to the MD (Doctor of Medicine) in the USA. Emphasis is given on practical aspects, research, and clinical rotation from the early phase of the medical program, equipping students with essential skills. Fortune Education assists students in understanding the curriculum better and ensures they are well-prepared to face the rigors of the course.

 Future Prospects After MBBS from the Philippines

Graduates of MBBS from the Philippines have a bright future ahead. With the US-patterned education system, they are eligible to take the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) and practice in the US. They are also qualified to take licensing exams in other countries. Many of our Fortune Education students have successfully cleared licensing exams, secured residencies in prestigious hospitals worldwide, and embarked on successful medical careers. We take pride in guiding students not only towards admission but also in shaping their career paths.

Fortune Education

With Fortune Education, your dream of studying MBBS in the Philippines is not just a dream, but a goal within your reach. We believe in your potential and strive to provide you with the best opportunities and guidance. Take the first step towards your medical career with us, and together, we will make your dream a reality.

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