MH Samorita Hospital and Medical College

Samorita Medical College, located in Dhaka, Bangladesh, is one of the private medical colleges that has been contributing significantly to the field of medical education in the country.

Samorita Medical College Dhaka

Established with the aim of providing quality medical education and producing competent health professionals, Samorita Medical College has garnered respect and recognition over the years. Here’s an overview of what the college offers:

Academic Program

The college offers a five-year MBBS program followed by a one-year internship, which is mandatory for all graduates. The curriculum is designed in accordance with the guidelines set by the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BMDC), ensuring a comprehensive and up-to-date medical education.

The program emphasizes both theoretical knowledge and practical skills, preparing students for the challenges of the medical profession.

Samorita Medical College


Samorita Medical College boasts a range of facilities to support its academic programs and enhance the student experience:

  • Modern Classrooms and Laboratories: Equipped with the latest teaching aids and laboratory equipment to facilitate effective learning and research.
  • Library: The college library offers a vast collection of medical textbooks, journals, and online resources, providing students with ample material for study and research.
  • Hospital Affiliation: Students gain practical experience at the affiliated Samorita Hospital, a well-equipped facility that offers a wide range of clinical services and exposure to real-world medical cases.
  • Hostel Accommodation: The college provides hostel facilities for students, offering a comfortable and convenient living option close to the campus.

Admission Process

Admission to the MBBS program at Samorita Medical College is competitive, with candidates selected based on their academic achievements, performance in the admission test conducted by the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS), and adherence to the eligibility criteria set by the BMDC.

Prospective students are encouraged to apply through the official DGHS admission process for private medical colleges.

Commitment to Excellence

Samorita Medical College is committed to excellence in medical education, research, and healthcare delivery. The college aims to produce medical graduates who are knowledgeable, skilled, and ethical professionals ready to contribute to healthcare in Bangladesh and beyond. It emphasizes a holistic approach to education, encouraging students to develop as compassionate caregivers and lifelong learners.

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How Fortune Education Assists with MBBS Admission to Samorita Medical College:


Expert Counseling: Fortune Education offers personalized counseling sessions to help students and their families understand the benefits of studying at Samorita Medical College. This includes detailed information about the MBBS program, campus life, facilities, and the overall educational environment.

Eligibility Assessment: The consultancy evaluates each candidate’s academic qualifications and other admission criteria as mandated by Samorita Medical College and the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BMDC) to ensure eligibility for the MBBS program.

Streamlined Application Process: Fortune Education guides candidates through the entire application process, assisting with form completion, document submission, and ensuring that all procedural requirements are met efficiently.

Guaranteed Seat Confirmation: Leveraging its authorized partnership with Samorita Medical College, Fortune Education facilitates direct admissions, offering students peace of mind with confirmed seats, bypassing the uncertainties often associated with the admission process.

Financial Guidance and Scholarship Information: Students receive advice on managing the financial aspects of their medical education, including tuition fees, accommodation costs, and the availability of scholarships or financial aid, if applicable.

Preparation for Entrance Exams: Where required, Fortune Education provides resources and coaching to help students prepare for any entrance exams or interviews, enhancing their chances of admission.

Visa Assistance for International Students: For international students, Fortune Education offers comprehensive assistance with visa applications, ensuring compliance with all regulatory requirements for study in Bangladesh.

Continuous Support: Beyond securing admission, Fortune Education offers ongoing support, including pre-departure briefings and post-arrival assistance, to ensure a smooth transition to medical college life.

Fortune Education

Why Choose Samorita Medical College with Fortune Education?

Quality Education and Facilities: Samorita Medical College is known for its rigorous MBBS program, state-of-the-art facilities, and comprehensive clinical training at its affiliated hospital, providing an excellent foundation for a career in medicine.

Direct Admission Process: With Fortune Education, students benefit from a streamlined and direct admission process, minimizing stress and uncertainty.

Experienced Guidance: Fortune Education’s expertise and in-depth knowledge of the medical education landscape in Bangladesh make it a trusted partner for students pursuing an MBBS degree.

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Army Medical Colleges in Bangladesh

Army Medical Colleges in Bangladesh are renowned for combining medical education with military discipline, providing a unique and rigorous training environment for aspiring medical professionals.

Affiliated with the Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP), these colleges offer an MBBS program that adheres to the standards and curriculum set by the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BMDC).

The integration of military discipline into medical education aims to develop healthcare professionals who are not only skilled in their field but also embody the qualities of leadership, ethics, and dedication to service.

List of Army Medical Colleges in Bangladesh

  1. Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC), Dhaka: The flagship institution among the Army Medical Colleges, known for its high academic standards and comprehensive training programs.
  2. Army Medical College, Bogura: Offers excellent medical education facilities and clinical training, with an emphasis on serving the healthcare needs of the northern regions of Bangladesh.
  3. Army Medical College, Chittagong: Located in one of Bangladesh’s major cities, this college is known for its robust academic programs and contributions to healthcare in the southeastern region.
  4. Army Medical College, Comilla: Aims to produce competent medical professionals through rigorous training and education, serving the healthcare requirements of the eastern part of Bangladesh.
  5. Army Medical College, Jessore: Focuses on providing quality medical education and training to meet the growing healthcare demands of the southwestern part of the country.
  6. Army Medical College, Rangpur: Dedicated to offering top-notch medical education and training in the northern region of Bangladesh, ensuring a supply of skilled healthcare professionals in the area.

Features and Training at Army Medical Colleges:

  • Curriculum: The MBBS curriculum in these colleges is designed to cover all essential aspects of medical science, along with specialized military training modules that instill discipline, leadership, and ethical practices in medical professionals.
  • Clinical Training: Students receive extensive clinical training at affiliated hospitals, including military hospitals, which equips them with practical skills and experience in patient care.
  • Faculty: The faculty comprises experienced educators and professionals from both medical and military backgrounds, providing students with a comprehensive learning experience.
  • Facilities: These colleges are equipped with modern classrooms, laboratories, libraries, and other facilities to support the academic and professional development of students.
  • Community Service: Emphasizing the importance of community service, students are involved in various health camps and public health initiatives, which help them understand and address the healthcare needs of the community.

MBBS Admission Process in Bangladesh

Admission to Army Medical Colleges in Bangladesh is competitive and is based on the candidate’s performance in the medical college admission test conducted by the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS), academic records, and a series of interviews and physical fitness tests.

These institutions welcome both civilian and military candidates, with a portion of seats reserved for children of military personnel.

Army Medical Colleges in Bangladesh are committed to producing medical professionals who are capable of providing high-quality healthcare services while upholding the highest standards of ethics and discipline.

Their graduates are well-equipped to serve in various healthcare settings, including military and civilian hospitals, both within Bangladesh and internationally.

List of Army Medical Colleges in Bangladesh