Study MBBS in Kazakhstan

Studying MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) in Kazakhstan has become an increasingly popular choice for international students seeking affordable medical education with high academic standards. Kazakhstan offers several reputable medical universities that provide quality education and excellent infrastructure. Here are some key details about studying MBBS in Kazakhstan:

  1. Recognition and Accreditation: Medical universities in Kazakhstan are recognized by international bodies such as the World Health Organization (WHO), the Medical Council of India (MCI), the General Medical Council (GMC) of the United Kingdom, and other medical councils around the world. It is important to verify the recognition and accreditation of the specific university you are considering, especially by the medical council of your home country.
  2. Affordable Tuition Fees: One of the main advantages of studying MBBS in Kazakhstan is the relatively affordable tuition fees compared to many other countries. The cost of living in Kazakhstan is also lower, making it an attractive option for students looking for cost-effective medical education.
  3. English-Medium Programs: Many medical universities in Kazakhstan offer MBBS programs taught in English, enabling international students to study in their preferred language. This eliminates language barriers and makes the learning process more accessible.
  4. Duration of Program: The MBBS program in Kazakhstan typically lasts for six years, including five years of classroom and clinical training and one year of internship. The curriculum focuses on theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and clinical experience, providing a comprehensive medical education.
  5. Eligibility Criteria: Each medical university in Kazakhstan may have its own specific eligibility criteria for international students. Generally, students are required to have completed their high school education or an equivalent qualification with a strong background in science subjects such as Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.
  6. Clinical Training and Facilities: Medical universities in Kazakhstan have well-equipped teaching hospitals and medical facilities where students can gain hands-on clinical experience. They have opportunities to observe and assist in various medical procedures, working under the guidance of experienced medical professionals.
  7. International Student Support: Many universities in Kazakhstan have dedicated support services for international students. These services may include assistance with the admission process, visa documentation, accommodation, and integration into the local culture and community.
  8. Cultural Experience: Studying MBBS in Kazakhstan offers international students the opportunity to experience a new culture, meet people from diverse backgrounds, and explore the country’s rich history and natural beauty. Kazakhstan is known for its warm hospitality and multicultural environment.
  9. Before applying to study MBBS in Kazakhstan, it is important to thoroughly research and choose a reputable medical university that meets your academic goals and requirements. Verify the recognition and accreditation of the university, review the curriculum, understand the admission process, and consider factors such as location, facilities, and support services for international students. Consulting with educational consultants or connecting with current students can provide valuable insights and help you make an informed decision.
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  11. Financial Guidance: Fortune Education understands the financial considerations associated with studying abroad. They provide valuable information about the cost of education, scholarships, and available funding options. They guide students in making informed decisions regarding financing their education and help them explore scholarships and financial aid opportunities.
  12. Post-Admission Support: Once students secure admission to their chosen medical colleges, Fortune Education continues to offer support and assistance. They help students with pre-departure preparations, including travel arrangements, accommodation options, and orientation about the destination country.

Their ongoing support ensures a smooth transition for students to their new academic environment.

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