Study Medicine in Bangladesh

Study Medicine in Bangladesh

Study Medicine in Bangladesh 2024-25

About Study Medicine in Bangladesh for Indian Students

Study Medicine is extremely well known in India. So, Study Medicine in Bangladesh is turning into a trend among Indian students who’d want to study MBBS abroad. Therefore, Medical Education in Bangladesh is one of the most useful choices for students considering starting a worldwide medical career ahead. Studying MBBS from Bangladesh is actually inexpensive. They’ll provide you with the feeling as though you are studying MBBS in India. For Indian students who would want to review MBBS abroad, Bangladesh is one of the best choices. MBBS degree in Bangladesh is not hard to gain, easy admission process as compared to other states.

Why Everyone Talks About Medical Study in Bangladesh Now a Day

Fortune Education started the journey in 2009. For Bangladesh, medical study Fortune Education start Recruiting Indian and other foreign students in 2011. FortuneEducation exclusively promoting Bangladesh Medical Education in the Best Medical Colleges in Bangladesh, From 2011 Fortune Education helping students None Other than Bangladesh. Due to quality medical education and outstanding FMGE/NEXT performance from Bangladesh. Now you find all agents jump on it. You find too many agents Everyone Talks About Medical in Bangladesh Now a Days. Earlier those agents shouting for Fortune Education, now they too started writing good about MBBS study from Bangladesh. Earlier they speak negatively about Medical education in Bangladesh and promoting MBBS in China, MBBS in Ukraine, or MBBS In Georgia.

What are the advantages of Medical Study from Bangladesh?

Bangladesh is becoming a favorite destination for Indian students for overseas Medical Education. Here we will check all those favorable aspects that attract Indian students:

  • Medical fees in Indian colleges are skyrocketing while the story is totally different when we consider our neighboring country. 75 seats are reserved for foreign candidates in government colleges of Bangladesh, 25 -30 percent of seats in private colleges are filled by non-native students.
  • For students of SAARC countries, a fee waiver is also available.
  • Many would-be worried about language because of Bangladesh’s integrity with the Bengali language. For the Medical course, the language of instruction is English.
  • Bangladesh has a huge list of medical colleges approved by the National Medical Commission NMC (Medical Council of India MCI) under the act of 1956.
  • Direct admission to the MBBS course in Bangladesh is also possible without any donation.

  • After course completion of MBBS from Bangladesh, a Medical graduate clears the FMGE/NEXT licensing exam organized by the NBA to get the National Medical Commission of India registration and State Health council registration to start practicing in India.
  • MBBS courses in Bangladesh (MBBS in Bangladesh 2021) is recognized by South East Asia Regional Organization for Medical Council.
  • Bangladesh is Asia’s most densely populated country. There is enough flow of patients for clinical studies.
  • Bangladesh is the same as India’s West Bengal so there will be no language or cultural barrier.
  • If you are in eastern India then any city in Bangladesh specifically Rajshahi, Dhaka, Chittagong, etc would be closer than Delhi and Mumbai.
  • Bangladesh is emerging as a hub for medical education as a huge influx of students from Asia, Europe, and African countries can be seen. India and Nepal are two major contributors when it comes to foreign students in Bangladesh.
  • Medical Syllabus in Bangladesh

    Medical Study Plan Pre-Clinical, Para-Clinical and Clinical Phase

    Phase I. Firstly, Professional Duration One and Half years. Term-3 (Every 18 weeks )


    1. Anatomy
    2. Physiology
    3. Biochemistry

    Phase II Secondly, Professional – Para-clinical One year


    1. Community Medicine.
    2. Forensic Medicine

    Phase III Thirdly, Professional – Pre Clinical One years


    1. Pharmacology and Therapeutic
    2. Pathology
    3. Microbiology

    Phase IV Finally, Phase or Final Professional – Clinical Phase One and Half years


    1. Medicine and Allied Subjects
    2. Surgery and Allied Subjects
    3. Obstetrics and Gynaecology
    • Pathology includes General Pathology, Systemic Pathology, Haematology & Clinical Pathology.
    • Microbiology includes Bacteriology, Immunology, Virology, Parasitology & Mycology.

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