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MBBS in Bangladesh 2024-25 | MBBS Fees Structure

MBBS programs in Bangladesh for the academic year 2024-25. It’s essential to check directly with the Fortune Education website or medical colleges or universities in Bangladesh for the most up-to-date and accurate information regarding admissions, application processes, and important dates for the MBBS program.

MBBS admissions in Bangladesh for the 2024-25 academic year, you should reach out to the official websites or admission departments of the medical colleges or universities you are interested in. They will provide you with the most reliable and relevant information regarding admission requirements, application procedures, deadlines, and any other specific details you may need.

Exactly! To gather accurate and up-to-date information about MBBS admissions in Bangladesh for the 2024-25 academic year, it is recommended to visit the official websites of the medical colleges or universities you are interested in. The admission departments of these institutions will provide you with the most reliable and relevant information regarding admission requirements, application procedures, deadlines, and any other specific details you may need.

You can typically find the admission section or department contact information on the official websites of the medical colleges or universities. Reach out to them via phone or email to inquire about the MBBS admissions process for the 2024-25 academic year. They will guide you through the necessary steps and provide you with the information you need to apply successfully.

MBBS Admission in Bangladesh

Study MBBS Admission in Bangladesh, the country with the highest passing rate for MCI Screening test or FMGE between 2012-14. Between 2015-18 and 2019, Indian students again performed well in FMGE after studying MBBS in Bangladesh. The FMGE passing percentage from Bangladesh was slightly higher than that of the Philippines and way higher than that of China, Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and Belarus.

Check college and country-wise MCI Screening Test results from 2012-19.

Being a neighbouring country of India, the cost and time for travel get greatly reduced. Studying in Bangladesh is almost similar to studying MBBS in India because of the following reasons:

  • Identical Syllabus
  • Same authors of books
  • Similar Study Pattern
  • Study of similar Diseases
  • Similar Pattern of Examination
  • Similar Duration of MBBS
College Name Est. Univ. Total Fees in US$ 1st Year Payment US$ Hostel per Month US$ Food per Month US$
Army Medical College Jashore 2014 BUP 45000 16000 Included All Included
Sylhet Women’s Medical College 2005 SUST 42,000 16000 Included 50
Army Medical College Bogura 2014 BUP 45,000 16,000 Included All Included
Diabetic Association Medical College 1985 DU 42,000 16,000 Included 40
International Medical College 2001 DU 42,000 20000 Included 45
Brahmanbaria Medical College 2008 CMU 38000 14000 Included 35
North Bengal Medical College 2000 RU 35000 15000 Included 30
Community Based Medical College 1995 DU 45600 17030 Included 30
Green Life Medical College 2009 DU 42000 22000 98 45
Enam Medical College 2004 DU 40000 20000 100 50
Bangladesh Medical College 1986 DU 49000 29000 60 (Private) 60
Dhaka National Medical College 1925 DU 48000 20000 50 50
Jahurul Islam Medical College 1992 DU 39000 18000 Included 35
Tairunnessa Memorial Medical College 1992 DU 36950 16000 50 50
Monno Medical College 2011 DU 41500 15000 Included 50
Anwer Khan Modern Medical College 2008 DU 44000 23000 Included 60
Popular Medical College 2010 DU 45000 22000 Included 60
Dhaka Community Medical College 2008 DU 38000 18000 Included 60
City Medical College 2011 DU 35000 15000 Included 50
US-Bangla Medical College 2013 DU 35000 13000 Included 50
Universal Medical College 2013 DU 38000 15000 Included 50
Holy Family Medical College 2000 DU 46250 28250 100 60
Ibrahim Medical College 2002 DU 42000 27000 60 50
Ibn Sina Medical College 1995 DU 40000 16000 Included 50
Gonoshasthaya Samaj Vittik Medical College 1998 DU 36000 14000 Included 60
International Medical College 2000 DU
East West Medical College 2000 DU 45000 20000 Included 50
Kumudini Women’s Medical College 2001 DU 43100 15000 Included 35
Medical College for Women’s Uttara Dhaka 1992 DU 43000 23000 50 50
Ad-din Women’s Medical College 2008 DU 39000 19000 100 65
Z. H. Sikder Women’s Medical College 1992 DU 40000 20000 Included 50
Southern Medical College 2005 CU 36000 18000 Included 25
Eastern Medical College 2005 CU 42000 16000 Included 30

MBBS in Bangladesh for Indian Students

The undergraduate (UG) Medical MBBS program is extremely well known in India. MBBS in Bangladesh is turning into a trend among Indian students who’d want to study MBBS abroad. MBBS in Bangladesh is one of the most useful choices for students considering starting a worldwide medical career ahead. Studying MBBS from Bangladesh isn’t high priced for a global student in any way. They’ll provide you with the feeling as though you are studying MBBS in India. For Indian students who would want to review MBBS abroad, Bangladesh is one of the best choices. MBBS in Bangladesh the medical degree is not hard to gain, easy admission process as compared to other states.

Fortune Education offers online direct MBBS admission in top medical colleges in Bangladesh.
To gain accurate and up-to-date information regarding admission procedures and requirements for medical colleges in Bangladesh, I recommend contacting the relevant universities or consulting reputable educational agencies that specialize in assisting international students with admissions. They can provide you with the necessary guidance and support throughout the application process. Additionally, you can also visit the official websites of the medical colleges in Bangladesh for detailed information on their admission procedures and eligibility criteria.

Overview Study MBBS in Bangladesh for Indian Students

Degree Awarded MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery)
Course Duration 5 years
Internship 1 Year
Medium of Teaching English
Approvals National Medical Commission (NMC) of India (earlier MCI)
University Type Government Universities
Affiliated Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BM&DC)
Eligibility Requirements GPA 7 To 10
NEET-UG Score NEET Qualifying Score Required
Validity Yes, MBBS Degree Valid in India
Foreign Seats Private Colleges 40-50%, Govt Colleges 1%
Course Fees
  • Private Colleges Total Package Starting from Rs 25 Lac (INR) To 40 Lac
  • Government Colleges FREE under SAARC Scholarships
Payment Type Wire Transfers Forex T.T – Direct to College Account
Payment Mode Installments
Hostel Separate Boys and Girls Hostels
Room Sharing Triple – Four Sharing
AC Room On-Demand
Food Same as India – Rice, Dal, Chapati, (Non-Veg & Veg both available)
Mess & Food Cost Rs 2500-4500 (per month)
Religion Islam: 90%, Hinduism: 9% and Others 1%
Weather Tropical Climate, Similar to Eastern Part of India
Authorized Information Centre  Fortune Education Consultancy
Helpline Number +8801995529533

Study MBBS in Bangladesh for Indian Students

Studying MBBS in Bangladesh has become a popular option for Indian students due to several reasons, including affordability, quality education, and similarities in curriculum. Here are some key points to consider:Affordability: The cost of studying MBBS in Bangladesh is relatively lower compared to many other countries. The tuition fees and living expenses in Bangladesh are generally more affordable, making it an attractive option for Indian students.

Quality Education: Medical colleges in Bangladesh are recognized by international bodies such as the Medical Council of India (MCI) and the World Health Organization (WHO). The curriculum and teaching methods are similar to those in India, ensuring a high standard of education.

Language: The medium of instruction in most medical colleges in Bangladesh is English. This is beneficial for Indian students as it eliminates the need to learn a new language, allowing them to focus on their studies.

Eligibility Criteria: Indian students seeking admission to MBBS programs in Bangladesh must fulfill the eligibility criteria set by the respective colleges. These criteria typically include completing 10+2 with a science background and qualifying in the relevant entrance examinations.

Admission Process: To pursue MBBS in Bangladesh, students need to apply directly to the medical colleges or through authorized representatives. The admission process usually involves submitting application forms, academic records, passport copies, and other required documents. It’s important to check the specific requirements and deadlines of each institution.

MCI Screening Test: After completing their MBBS in Bangladesh, Indian students are required to pass the Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (FMGE) or the MCI Screening Test conducted by the Medical Council of India to practice medicine in India.

Before making a decision, I recommend researching and comparing different medical colleges in Bangladesh, considering factors such as accreditation, infrastructure, faculty, and student reviews. It’s also advisable to consult with educational consultants or agencies specializing in medical education to ensure a smooth admission process.

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