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Best Country for MBBS in Bangladesh for International Students

MBBS in Bangladesh

Best Country for MBBS in Bangladesh for International Students

Why Bangladesh is becoming an increasingly Best for Indian students!

Similar Culture, Quality Education, Similar Books, Similar Curriculum, Medium of instruction in English, Lowest Fees Fee structure

Why Fortune Education, Dhaka, Bangladesh 

Best Country for MBBS: Bangladesh – A Premier Destination for International Students

Learn why Bangladesh is the ultimate destination for Indian and international students seeking high-quality MBBS education and find out how Fortune Education can guide you through the process.

MBBS in Bangladesh, International Students, Indian students, Similar Culture, Quality Education, Similar Books, Similar Curriculum, Medium of instruction in English, Lowest Fees, Fee structure, Fortune Education, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Unveiling the Best Country for MBBS – Bangladesh

Bangladesh is emerging as a premier destination for international students, especially those from India, seeking to pursue an MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) degree. The country offers world-class education, affordable tuition fees, and a friendly environment, making it an increasingly attractive option for aspiring medical professionals.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore why Bangladesh is becoming the go-to choose for Indian and international students alike, highlighting its similarities in culture, education quality, curriculum, medium of instruction, and fee structure. Additionally, we will introduce you to Fortune Education, a leading educational consultancy in Dhaka, Bangladesh, dedicated to helping students embark on their MBBS journey.

Embracing Similar Cultures

One of the key factors that make Bangladesh an appealing choice for Indian students is the cultural similarity between the two countries. Both nations share common values, traditions, and customs, which makes it easier for Indian students to adapt to life in Bangladesh. Furthermore, the warm and hospitable nature of the Bangladeshi people creates a welcoming atmosphere for all international students.

Experiencing Quality Education

Bangladesh boasts a robust and well-structured medical education system that adheres to global standards. The country is home to numerous top-ranked medical colleges and universities, many of which are recognized by international bodies such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Medical Council of India (MCI). The high-quality education provided by these institutions ensures that students graduate as skilled and knowledgeable medical professionals, prepared to face the challenges of the healthcare industry.

Following a Similar Curriculum and Book Selection

The MBBS curriculum in Bangladesh closely mirrors that of India, making it an excellent option for Indian students. The course structure, subject matter, and examination pattern are designed in line with the MCI guidelines, ensuring that students are well-equipped to pass the MCI Screening Test upon their return to India.

Additionally, the study materials and textbooks used in Bangladeshi medical institutions are primarily sourced from Indian authors and publishers, further bridging the gap between the two countries’ educational systems.

Medium of Instruction in English

Language barriers can be a significant concern for international students, but that’s not an issue in Bangladesh. The medium of instruction for MBBS courses in the country is English, making it convenient for Indian and other international students to comprehend and participate in their classes. Furthermore, the prevalence of English in Bangladesh extends to daily life, as it is widely spoken and understood by the local population.

Enjoying the Lowest Fees and a Student-Friendly Fee Structure

Bangladesh is known for offering affordable and high-quality MBBS education, making it a sought-after destination for students from around the world. The tuition fees for MBBS courses in Bangladesh are significantly lower compared to those in other countries, including India. This affordability ensures that students can receive a world-class education without burning a hole in their pockets.

Additionally, the fee structure in Bangladeshi medical institutions is designed to be student-friendly, with options for installment-based payments, making it easier for students to manage their finances while pursuing their MBBS degree.

Fortune Education: Your Trusted Partner in Pursuing MBBS in Bangladesh

As you consider pursuing an MBBS degree in Bangladesh, it’s crucial to have a reliable and experienced partner to guide you through the process. This is where Fortune Education comes into the picture. Based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Fortune Education ( is a leading educational consultancy dedicated to assisting students in realizing their dreams of studying medicine abroad.

Why Choose Fortune Education?Fortune Education Social Banner

Fortune Education has years of experience in helping Indian and international students secure admission to top medical colleges in Bangladesh. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose Fortune Education as your trusted partner in your MBBS journey:

Expert Guidance: The team at Fortune Education is well-versed with the intricacies of the MBBS admission process in Bangladesh. They provide personalized guidance to each student, ensuring that they choose the right medical college based on their preferences, budget, and future goals.

Comprehensive Support: From the moment you reach out to Fortune Education, they are committed to providing end-to-end support throughout your MBBS journey. This includes assistance with college selection, admission, visa processing, travel arrangements, and even post-admission support.

Transparency: Fortune Education believes in maintaining complete transparency with their students. They provide clear and accurate information about the entire process, including the fee structure, course duration, and other important details.

MCI Coaching: Fortune Education understands the importance of the MCI Screening Test for Indian students. To help you prepare for this crucial examination, they offer dedicated MCI coaching services, ensuring that you have the best chance of success upon your return to India.

High Success Rate: Fortune Education has a proven track record of successfully guiding students in obtaining admission to top medical colleges in Bangladesh. Their high success rate and countless satisfied students speak volumes about their dedication and expertise in the field.

MBBS Admission in Bangladesh

Embark on Your MBBS Journey with Fortune Education

Bangladesh has emerged as a leading destination for international students seeking quality MBBS education. With its similar culture, curriculum, and medium of instruction, as well as its affordable fee structure, it offers an ideal environment for Indian and international students to pursue their medical aspirations.

Fortune Education is your trusted partner in navigating the MBBS admission process in Bangladesh. With their expertise, comprehensive support, and commitment to your success, you can confidently embark on your journey towards a fulfilling medical career. Visit to learn more about their services and start your MBBS journey today!


Frequently Asked Questions about MBBS in Bangladesh

To help you make an informed decision about pursuing an MBBS degree in Bangladesh, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions and their answers:

What is the duration of the MBBS course in Bangladesh?
The MBBS course in Bangladesh spans over five years, followed by a one-year compulsory internship. This is similar to the course duration in India.

MBBS Admission Bangladesh

Secure Direct MBBS Admission in Bangladesh with Fortune Education’s Online Assistance

In today’s digital age, convenience and accessibility are of utmost importance. Recognizing this, Fortune Education is committed to providing a seamless and hassle-free experience for students seeking direct MBBS admission in Bangladesh. Their online platform Online Direct MBBS Admission allows students to apply for MBBS courses in top Bangladeshi medical colleges from the comfort of their homes.

Here’s how Fortune Education’s online assistance simplifies the process of securing direct MBBS admission in Bangladesh:

Easy Application: Visit the online application portal  Online Direct MBBS Admission to fill out the required details and submit your application for MBBS admission in Bangladesh. The user-friendly interface ensures a smooth application process.

Document Submission: Upload the necessary documents, such as academic transcripts, passport, and photographs, through the secure online platform. This eliminates the need for physical document submission, saving you time and effort.

Admission Updates: Receive timely updates on your application status, college allotment, and other important information via email, ensuring that you are always informed about your admission progress.

Personalized Guidance: Fortune Education’s team of experts is available to answer your queries and provide personalized guidance throughout the online application process, ensuring that you make the right decisions and complete the necessary steps.

Secure Payment: The online platform provides a secure and reliable payment gateway for any required fees, ensuring that your transactions are safe and protected.

Fortune Education’s online assistance for direct MBBS admission in Bangladesh makes the entire process effortless and stress-free. With their expertise and commitment to your success, you can confidently take the first step towards your dream medical career.

Is the MBBS degree from Bangladesh recognized worldwide?Best Country for MBBS in Bangladesh for International Students

Yes, the MBBS degree from Bangladesh is recognized worldwide. Many medical colleges and universities in Bangladesh are accredited by international organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Medical Council of India (MCI).

Can Indian students practice medicine in India after completing their MBBS in Bangladesh?
Yes, Indian students can practice medicine in India after completing their MBBS in Bangladesh. However, they are required to clear the MCI Screening Test (also known as the Foreign Medical Graduates Examination or FMGE) before they can practice in India.

What is the eligibility criteria for Indian students to pursue MBBS in Bangladesh?
Indian students must have completed their 10+2 education with a minimum of 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology and must have passed in English. Additionally, they should be at least 17 years of age at the time of admission.

Are there any entrance exams for MBBS admissions in Bangladesh?
There are no entrance exams for Indian students to pursue MBBS in Bangladesh. Admissions are based on merit and students’ performance in their 10+2 examination.

Medical Excellence in Bangladesh: Featuring Army Medical Colleges in Bogura and Jashore

Bangladesh, in recent times, has emerged as a beacon of excellence in medical education. With colleges boasting global-standard curricula, an immersive clinical exposure, and economical tuition fees, Bangladesh has drawn medical hopefuls both from home and abroad.

Army Medical College Bogura

Nestled in the bustling district of Bogura, the Army Medical College stands as an epitome of rigorous academic training blended with world-class facilities. Here’s what sets it apart:

State-of-the-art Amenities: From advanced labs and airy lecture theaters to resource-rich libraries, students have all the tools at their disposal for a holistic learning experience.

Clinical Experience: Through collaborations with esteemed hospitals, the college ensures students gain invaluable practical exposure under the tutelage of medical maestros.

Cultural Values: As a military-associated institution, the college embeds values of discipline, commitment, and honor, equipping students for the multifaceted challenges of the medical realm.

Army Medical College Jashore

Adding to the illustrious list of Bangladesh’s defense-affiliated medical colleges is the Army Medical College in Jashore. It’s distinguished by:

Progressive Academics: With a finger on the pulse of global medical innovations, the college perpetually refines its curriculum, ensuring its students are industry-ready.

Comprehensive Growth: Beyond academics, emphasis on co-curricular activities ensures students evolve into well-rounded professionals.

Legacy of Excellence: Its illustrious alumni, making marks worldwide, stand as a testament to the college’s impeccable educational paradigms.

Fortune Education: Navigating Your Medical Aspirations
The journey to picking the ideal college is riddled with decisions that can shape futures. Here’s where Fortune Education, a recognized consultant for top-tier medical colleges in Bangladesh, comes into play.

Insightful Counsel: With an in-depth grasp of Bangladesh’s medical education spectrum, Fortune Education offers aspirants perspectives that enable decisive and informed choices.

Crystal-Clear Processes: Be it admissions or understanding fee nuances, the consultancy ensures transparency, giving students and guardians peace of mind.

Trust and Credibility: As an accredited consultant, Fortune Education’s counsel is rooted in its strong alliances with premier medical institutions.

360-degree Support: From application nitty-gritty to settling into hostels, they provide assistance, ensuring a seamless shift for students.

In summation, for those with their sights set on an MBBS in Bangladesh, institutions like the Army Medical Colleges in Bogura and Jashore are nothing short of gold standards. Paired with the expertise of Fortune Education, students are poised for a medical voyage marked by assurance and ambition. Dive into your Bangladeshi medical endeavour with poise and passion!

Testimonials from Fortune Education Alumni

Hear from the students who have successfully pursued their MBBS education in Bangladesh with the help of Fortune Education:

“I am incredibly grateful to Fortune Education for guiding me through the entire process of securing admission to a top medical college in Bangladesh. Their team was always there to answer my questions and provide support whenever I needed it. Today, I am well on my way to becoming a successful doctor, thanks to Fortune Education.” – Dr. Nabeeha Hashmi., MBBS student from India

“Choosing to study MBBS in Bangladesh was the best decision I ever made. The quality of education, affordable fees, and welcoming environment made my experience truly enriching. Fortune Education played a significant role in making this possible, providing valuable guidance and support every step of the way.” – Priya S., MBBS graduate from India

Embark on a rewarding journey towards a successful medical career with Fortune Education as your trusted partner. Visit to learn more about their services and how they can help you achieve your dreams of studying MBBS in Bangladesh. Know more.

Online Direct MBBS Admission

Fortune Education facilitates the online admission process for aspiring students who wish to pursue MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) in renowned medical colleges. Through their platform, students can conveniently apply and secure admission without the need for physical presence.


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