Nepal Medical Council

The official website of the Nepal Medical Council (NMC) is The NMC was established in 1964 and plays a primary role in registering qualified doctors, allowing them to practice modern medicine in Nepal. The website provides information about the Council’s guidelines, exam results, acts and regulations, faculty, and other relevant details. For specific queries or more detailed information, you can visit their website. ​​

MBBS in Nepal

Pursuing an MBBS degree in Nepal involves a systematic and competitive process, primarily governed by the Medical Education Common Entrance Examination (MECEE-BL). The MECEE-BL 2024 is a national-level entrance exam crucial for gaining admission to various medical colleges and universities in Nepal. This exam is integral for aspirants looking to study MBBS in Nepal.Nepal Medical Council

For MECEE-BL 2024, the application process begins online, with key dates including the start of applications on September 3, 2023, and the closing date on October 1, 2023. The examination itself is scheduled for November 4, 2023. The exam format is objective, with a total of 200 multiple-choice questions. It lasts for three hours, and scoring involves awarding one mark for each correct answer, with a deduction of 0.25 marks for each incorrect answer. A candidate needs to achieve a minimum of the 50th percentile to be considered for merit.

To be eligible for the MECEE-BL, candidates must have completed their 10+2 or equivalent with physics, chemistry, and biology, achieving a minimum of 50% aggregate marks or a CGPA of 2.4 or equivalent. Those who appear in the MECEE-BL are given priority in MBBS admissions. The application process requires candidates to register and fill out the form online, including uploading necessary documents such as academic transcripts, identification documents, and photographs.

The examination fee for MECEE-BL 2024 is NPR 8000/- or its equivalent, excluding bank service charges. The admit card for the entrance exam will be available online five days before the examination date.

The process is highly competitive due to the limited number of seats and a large number of applicants. Therefore, it is crucial for aspirants to begin preparation early and stay informed about all the latest updates and changes in the admission process. For any further queries, it is recommended to consult the official websites or contact the Medical Education Commission directly.

For more detailed information and updates, please refer to the official MECEE-BL website or the Medical Education Commission’s website.

MBBS Criteria for Indian Students

For Indian students interested in pursuing MBBS in Nepal for the academic year 2024-25, there are specific eligibility criteria and admission processes to consider:

Eligibility Criteria:

Students must have passed their 10+2 level education with a minimum of 50% marks in physics, chemistry, and biology.
It’s mandatory for students to clear the NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test).
Knowledge of English is required, but IELTS is not a prerequisite.
Admission Process:

The admission process generally starts with applying through the university’s portal.
Scanned copies of necessary documents such as mark sheets, birth certificate, medical certificate, passport size photographs, and the invitation letter need to be submitted.

Registration fees are to be paid as part of the application process.
For Indian students, there’s no requirement to apply for a passport or Visa for studying in Nepal.
Cost of Study:

The tuition fees for MBBS in Nepal vary across different colleges but generally range from INR 45 to 65 Lakh for the entire course.
Advantages of Studying in Nepal:

Nepal offers quality education at a lower cost compared to many private medical institutes in India.
The medium of instruction in Nepal’s medical colleges is English, which is beneficial for Indian students.
Nepal’s close cultural and geographical proximity to India makes it a comfortable and desirable destination for Indian students.
No visa is required for Indian students to study in Nepal.
Medical Colleges Recognized by MCI and WHO:

Many colleges in Nepal are recognized by WHO and Medical Council of India, allowing graduates to practice medicine globally.
Scholarship Opportunities:

Scholarships are available based on merit and financial need, including programs like the North-South Foundation College Scholarships for Indian students.
MBBS Syllabus:

The syllabus typically includes a mix of theoretical knowledge and clinical exposure, closely aligned with the standards of medical education globally.

Considering these points, Nepal emerges as a viable option for Indian students to pursue their medical education. The blend of quality education, cultural similarities, and affordability makes it an attractive destination for MBBS aspirants​​​​​​.

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MBBS Admission Counselling for International Students by Fortune Education

Fortune Education provides comprehensive counseling and support services for international students seeking MBBS admission. Their role includes guiding students through various aspects of the admission process, especially for medical colleges in countries like Bangladesh. Here’s an overview of the services offered by Fortune Education for MBBS admissions:

Guidance and Support: They offer complete assistance throughout the admission process, helping students navigate the complexities of applying to foreign medical schools.

Selection of Medical Colleges: Fortune Education aids students in choosing the right medical college based on their academic background, preferences, and career aspirations.

Application Assistance: They provide end-to-end support in filling out application forms and ensuring all necessary documentation is complete and accurate.

Visa Processing Guidance: Fortune Education offers advice on visa applications and related formalities to ensure a smooth process for students.

Quality Education: They promote medical colleges known for high standards of education, ensuring students receive a quality education that is recognized globally.

Affordability: They focus on colleges where the cost of studying MBBS is reasonable compared to other countries, making it an attractive option for many students.

Cultural Affinity: Especially for students from neighboring countries like India, these colleges offer a culturally familiar environment.

Global Recognition: Degrees from the medical colleges they recommend are internationally recognized, providing graduates with worldwide career opportunities.

Preparation Tips: Fortune Education advises prospective students on how to prepare for their MBBS studies, including understanding the medical education system of the specific country, language preparedness, and financial planning.

Scholarship Assistance: They may also provide information and assistance regarding scholarships and financial aid available for foreign students.

Post-Admission Support: Their services extend beyond admission, offering guidance on accommodation, local regulations, and adapting to life in the host country.

Career Counseling: They provide post-graduation career counseling and support for medical licensing exams in different countries.

Fortune Education

Fortune Education plays a crucial role in simplifying and streamlining the admission process for international students, making it more accessible and manageable. They ensure that students are well-informed and prepared for their journey in medical education abroad​​​​​​.

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